Christmas ornament

It's the most wonderful time of the year ...

Fandom stocking signup time! (What, were you expecting something else? XD)

Signups and instructions are here! I am currently finalizing my signup; this year I'm not going to wait until the last minute, dangit.

Oh by the way, I forgot to say this earlier, but thank you so much to everyone who left me comments on the love meme. ♥ Not having done this before, I'm not sure if there is an etiquette to it (do you answer them? politely ignore them like one is supposed to do with book reviews?) but they made my day brighter; thank you so much. ♥ ♥ ♥

In other news, today I was invited to a creative writing class on campus to talk to undergrads about my romance self-publishing adventures. They also had another local author who is a trad-published fantasy writer, so basically we had an hour-long mini-panel in which we talked about traditional vs. self-publishing and the students asked us questions. Their questions were excellent, and they were interested and curious, and the other panelist was very courteous about taking turns switching back and forth on taking questions with me and not talking over me (actually, if anything, I had to be careful not to talk over the top of him). All in all, it was a great experience, and the instructor is having us and a couple of other local authors come back to do the same for her graduate students in the spring.

And then I had Thai food and watched more of the Flash with ellenmillion, and was gifted a painting by a 4-year-old who very politely signed it for me. She also "helped" me brush the snow off my car, which was really more like I was brushing the snow off the car with her (literally; she was sort of like a wiggly snow brush extension) but a good time was had by all, at least judging from the giggling.

With the snow coming down like crazy outside, and December having inexplicably arrived, I'm starting to feel some holiday feels, a little bit? I need to put up some decorations around here.

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Thanks! :D And yeah, I think this is the first time I haven't squeaked it in under the deadline.
She also "helped" me brush the snow off my car, which was really more like I was brushing the snow off the car with her (literally; she was sort of like a wiggly snow brush extension)

....cuteness overload....

I'm going to write Daniel doing that with his bb daughter FOR SURE omg.

Also yay for fandom stockings! I think I'm fairly certain of what I want this year, ehehehe. XD

"based on real life"
"ripped from the headlines"

I finally got my stocking together. It helped a lot that this week's DC TV episodes left me in a state of squee overload.
I got mine in as well :)

I might have to catch up on some DC TV over the holidays...I'm definitely going to try to get through S1 of Supergirl.
I often forget to check my DW account, so thank you for reminding me about the stockings! WIll have to work on mine now too!!

Sounds great to be invited to talk to students, glad it went well! And lol, I'm not sure that 4-year-old snow 'scrapers' will catch on, but it does sound like great fun was had by all!! :D
I'm not signing up for Fandom Stocking this year b/c I never managed to fill most of the things I wanted to do for *last* year's stocking. *headdesk* I had ideas, but most of them never materialized -- my Muse seemed to take a serious vacation on that whole process! :-P

But I love that it's happening, and I'll be watching the posts so maybe I can give to some stockings this year instead! <3