A possible Flash casting/character spoiler for a future episode (after the mid-season break) + speculation.

Although "casting spoiler" is probably a slight misnomer since it's not so much the return of an actor, as one of his characters ...

Apparently behind the scenes photos have surfaced of Tom Cavanagh on set for a future episode of Flash dressed as Harry.


... Though I suppose it could be HR pretending to be Harry for some reason, Barry traveling in time back to season two (because ... Barry >__>), or something similar.

Still! Fingers crossed! HR is starting to grow on me, but to quote Cisco in 3x04, there's only one Harry. And I want him back! Even if it's only for an episode or two.

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I am just going to try not to think about that possibility. Honestly though, his storyline in season two/early season three is so satisfying that if I have to, I'm pretty sure I can compartmentalize it as "that's all we got of Harry, too bad he never appeared in any episodes beyond 3x04". XD (Rather like my "Heroes? what a great 1-season show" rationalization. XD)
Hahaha, I so totally relate on the Heroes thing! And yeah, I think this is a show I can comparmentalize with. It is useful that they've got such a clean 'break' after 3x04 that you can imagine the happily ever after from that point on.
I definitely want Harry back!

Of course, I have firmly decided all of 2016 is Barry's fault for creating Flashpoint, and I confess, I'm slightly ticked off with him at the moment... ;-)
I have firmly decided all of 2016 is Barry's fault for creating Flashpoint