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Wow, Supergirl is certainly a massive nostalgia trip.

The first comics I remember reading as a small child -- the comics that first got me hooked on comics, basically -- were my mom's old Superboy/Legion of Super-Heroes/etc. comics from the 1950s. I tend to go more for Marvel than DC in general, but I still like the LSH and have several of the collected volumes around here. And, oh, this feels right, plus the special effects are good enough that it makes everything really come alive. The result is a direct punch to the nostalgia centers of my brain. The Fortress of Solitude, omgggggg. I will definitely be watching more of this. :D

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I love Supergirl, I love that she is feminine and unsure of herself. Her support system is great as well .
Well, keep in mind I've only seen one episode so far, and that's from the second season. But I liked what I saw! And it's nice to watch a show in which the majority of the relationships are between women, and the main movers and shakers of the plot (main character, best friend, main antagonist, etc) all seem to be female as well.

I haven't really seen enough of it to know for sure how I'm going to feel about it in the long term, though.
We hadn't watched Supergirl because, honestly, we have far too many shows as it is to keep track of and it just didn't excite us based on the commercials alone. But we decided, given all of CW's crossover events that now include Supergirl, we wanted to get a little up to speed and so we binged a good portion of season 1 on Netflix and were very, very pleasantly surprised at just how good it is. And how bright and happy, just like the CW slate (okay, Arrow is often less than happy but it's a nice yin to The Flash's yang). It does have a *very* nostalgic "this is like the comics used to be when I was a kid" appeal and it's really hard not to root for Kara. We haven't made it any farther yet so a lot of the newer characters (like Tyler Hoechlin's Superman) we still haven't seen, but we'll get caught up eventually.

It's ironic how with Marvel, the tv side of things trends dark whereas the movies are bright, and yet with DC, the tv side is bright and sunny whereas the movie side is nihilistic, dark, apparently there is no such thing as sunlight, nothing like the comics, terrible and horrible although please let Wonder Woman and Aquaman be the exception darker. (BTW, I do NOT like Zack Snyder's vision for the DCEU, not that I ever let it show. *cough*)
It does have a *very* nostalgic "this is like the comics used to be when I was a kid" appeal

ha, yes, exactly. :D I agree with you 100% on Snyder's DCU. A friend of mine pointed out IRL recently that Snyder is a very poor fit for the mainstream superhero part of DC because he basically wants to be doing Vertigo/Image stuff, i.e. the darker side of DC's output. Snyder's Watchmen was really good! He nailed it! But Superman ISN'T Watchmen, and Batman really isn't either, and he doesn't seem to get that at all.

Anyway, the DC TV shows are a delight, and I'm really enjoying them.
I love Supergirl! ♥. And hmm am not actually watching any of the other DC shows, so I guess I am woefully unprepared for the crossover, but am looking forward to it :D
Hee! tbh, from what I've seen so far, the crossover is actually 100% skippable if you're only watching Supergirl -- it looks like Kara is the only character who's involved, and it doesn't seem likely to impact events on her world, so aside from wanting to see more Kara, you could easily skip if you are like "who are all these people and why do I care". XD
I'm loving Supergirl! I adored Melissa Benoist on Glee (Grant Gustin, too, even if he was mostly a snot on there ;-)), but she just realllllly makes this role work. I think they took a bit of time getting off the ground (so to speak ;-)) in the first season, but now they're really rocking along overall. I think it's a better fit at CW, too, for whatever reason, and I can't wait to get caught up on a couple shows so I can watch the crossover.

And maybe it's just me, but I can't wait for the musical crossover with Flash to hear Melissa and Grant sing together! LOL!!
ahahahaaaa, I forgot they were doing that. :D

I've only seen one episode so far, but I really enjoyed it - I think it was probably a good one to start with, since the cast has already gotten comfortable with each other and there are lots of storylines in progress. I'm looking forward to more!
I think it's really growing as a series. They did a fair bit (not insanely much, but a fairly significant amount, IMO) of character-/world-building in the 1st season, sort of showing, this is our Kara, this is how she fits in this world, this is .... And that didn't always move things along terribly quickly, but I think it will help, eventually, that they've sort of laid that groundwork.

AND I <3 what they've done w/casting, w/having Dean Cain (*still* <3 him from Lois & Clark!!) being Kara's adoptive dad, and some other tie-ins with past versions of Supergirl/man, etc. -- I just thought that added a bit of fun and enjoyment, at least for me :)
Oh, I didn't know that! :D Flash does that too, though, with the guy who played the old 1980s Flash playing Barry's dad. I love those little nods to the past continuity of the characters; it's one of the things that makes me feel like the people writing the shows have a genuine love and respect for the characters they're writing about.
Yeah, it's lovely, and I totally agree w/you on it seeming like they really know and love what they do in that sense, and I love that! There was a tie-in in S1 w/a lady who'd played Supergirl before, too, I think, but I can't remember her name. Dean's not in there a whole lot, but I love that he IS, at least periodically, and that they just include all those bits and pieces in that way. <3 (Not to mention that I just love Dean. Lois & Clark is literally what first got me checking fandom stuff online, way back in the days of dial-up AOL and AOL fan groups. I didn't really post/respond then much, but I at least read what other people said. LOL)
ETA: And I'd forgotten that about Barry's dad! Sheesh! I've always loved his character, and their interactions, and I somehow love it even more again. LOL

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Hope you don't mind a long-time lurker jumping in here. Yes, actually, Helen Slater, who plays Eliza Danvers, was Supergirl in the Supergirl movie, and in season one they also had Laura Vandervoort in a recurring role, who played Supergirl in Smallville.

They also had Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) make an appearance in season two.
Lurkers are welcome to jump in anytime! :D That's very cool to know - what episode was Lynda Carter in, btw?
It was the third episode of this season.

I actually used to be on LJ a long time ago - tringasolitaria, don't know if you remember me or not. I don't have an LJ anymore, but I still lurk around now and then to see what everyone's talking about. It's been fun to read your thoughts on Agent Carter and the DCTV shows, since that's what I'm into right now. I hope that's not creepy stalkerish of me!
Oh gosh yes, I do remember you - you used to leave great comments back in the day - and I remember that you gafiated and sometimes I wonder what you're up to these days. :D I'm glad you're still lurking around the fringes of fandom and haven't left completely! It's nice to hear from you!
Thank you! Yes, I'm still lurking around the fringes here and there. :) I found once I've been in fandom I can't totally leave it behind, even if it's not in any formal fashion.
Yes! Eliza Danvers and Laura Vandervoot were especially who I was trying to think of!! Thank you for filling in those blanks!

And I'm looking forward to whatever else they've got planned for Lynda's character :-D
Oh, and also, I forgot to add that I loved that Melissa's husband (with whom she was paired up on Glee at times, too) got to appear in the first season of Supergirl. It wasn't a huge role, but it was sweet to see them together! :) These show runners keep getting me "right in the feels" in a variety of ways ;-)
oh wow i didn't recognize him as Dean Cain!! This is awesome. I <3 Lois&Clark so much!
Hee! He's still adorable! ;) I wish it was on Netflix or something; I'd *love* to watch it all again :)
I have only seen one episode of this show but have plans to watch more. It's unfortunate that I watched this right after Agent Carter, because I think I would have enjoyed it more in isolation...Peggy just feels so much more someone I can relate to more than Kara. I don't think I was ever that bubbly, for example. That said, I think it's a show I'll enjoy watching eventually, and I do like that it crosses over with Flash, another show that's fun entertainment.
She's definitely a very different character than Peggy. Actually I feel like this show isn't really an Agent Carter analogue because it falls more into the category of "young woman coming of age" (like the new Star Wars movies) and AC really isn't that; it's a very different kind of story. And so far it hasn't hooked me in an "omgggg must watch the next episode" like Flash did ... but it took awhile for Flash to get there too, so maybe it will eventually. :D
I enjoy Supergirl—although I find I like almost all the characters better than I like the protagonist. Cat! Alex! James! It's not that I don't like the protagonist (which has happened in some shows, and I never last long on those), but that the supporting characters are just awesome, and I find it easier to enjoy and related to them than Kara in some ways.

It's a really fun show.
It is very fun! I think I picked a good episode to start with, even though it was in the middle of season two, because everyone was being adorable at each other and worried about each other, and that's always a fun way to discover a new show. :D I'm looking forward to watching more!

Loved first season of Supergirl.  Disappointed by many aspects of s. 2 though loving Alex's storyline.

I enjoyed the episode I watched! I'm looking forward to getting caught up with season one.