Tonight begins the big crossover with all of DC's shows. By now I'm caught up on Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, and I've seen enough of Arrow via Flash crossover eps to at least know who the characters are and what's generally going on with them, but I haven't seen any Supergirl at all. I was going to at least watch the first episode before watching the crossover ep, but, well, that didn't happen. Somehow I will endure. (I'm not actually THAT worried about spoilers with these shows from watching them out of order, at least in part because they spoil each other rampantly with all the crossover characters anyway.)

Speaking of which, I finally got around to watching the Arrow half of the 2-parter with Shayera/Kendra and Carter, and I have only one small thing to say: BARRY HUGGING OLIVER AT THE END OMGGGGG. That scene was just darling.

Barry: Hugs? :D? :D?
Oliver: NOPE.
Barry: I'm fast enough there's nothing you can do to stop me, so you might as well say yes.
Oliver: ......... fine.

Sunshine-and-puppies Barry + brooding action heroes will never stop being comedy gold. (It's why Harry's relationship with the team is season two is so great, too. It's hard to brood properly when he's being puppypiled ...)

Also, the episode was so awesomely, hilariously bright, sunshiney, and colorful. I hadn't actually noticed, prior to watching this one, that the previous, Flash half of the 2-parter was dark and took place mostly at night, in Oliver's city. BWAHAHAHA. They have so much fun with these shows. ♥

Legends of Tomorrow: hmmmmm. Boy, the Eobard scenes certainly are 10000% more ominous now that I've seen Flash! When I watched the first couple eps of this season, I hadn't seen Flash yet and I had zero idea who he was; I could just tell that he was some villain from one of the other shows. Now, though, every scene he's in is basically just AAAUGH. Not that there are any circumstances under which a time-traveling baddie running around killing people in different time periods would be anything other than bad news. Also, I love Neal McDonough's gleeful OTT-ness as Damien Dahrk.

This show is not engaging me as much this season as last (I still prefer the season one version of the team) but I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone team up in the crossover.

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Wait Eobard is on LoT? In Harrison's face or his own? Just curious! (I would never watch a show JUST for a character...nope.)
It's the non-Harrison version, just the regular Eobard. So you aren't missing a whole lot. XD
I agree re your comment on season 2 of Legends not really matching season 1's fun, interactions and stories. I didn't think I'd miss Rip, but I do. I definitely miss Snart. Season 2 team is ok. Just... lacking something
Yeah, I don't know if it's the writing or the team dynamics or just the difference (for me, anyway) between marathoning a bunch of episodes at once vs. watching them week-to-week -- where it's harder to overlook the weak or OOC ones -- but somehow the team just doesn't feel like it's gelling as nicely this season. idk.