WhiteCollar-Hard Sell Peter Neal

And now a brief White Collar interlude

The Fall Fest at collarcorner (patterned after Fandom Stocking) is done and all the gifts are revealed! You can check it out at the LJ community or the AO3 community (note: the AO3 collection doesn't have everything; most of the shorter ficlets, art, etc are at the LJ community posts only).

I wrote the following gifts:

Sweet Escape - Elizabeth takes over Neal's bakery after his "death."

Wings So Bright - Neal wingfic, also for my h/c bingo "wings" square. Neal's favorite memory from his early childhood was going flying with his mother; he didn't yet know that no one else could see her wings.

Happy Paws - Having found out that the FBI agent chasing him has a puppy, Neal can't resist trying to make friends with it.

Three Restaurants - Three times Sara and Peter had lunch or dinner together, from pre- to post-series.

Harvest Moon - Alex character study.

Untitled Peter & Neal ficlet for the prompt "near miss."

And I also have some great stuff in my treat basket - art, fics, a fic cover and more!

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I didn't participate (yet, at least), but I really appreciate you putting all that together, etc. I never managed to finish (again, yet at least! LOL!) last year's Fandom Stockings, so I refrained from "officially" signing up, but if my muse should ever decide to come home again, I may try to do something for some people's baskets. But regardless, I appreciate all your efforts!! <3
Thank you! :D I'm glad it was so successful - in spite of the fandom having contracted (and was never that big to begin with) there was plenty of participation and I didn't have any trouble getting the baskets filled, so that's great. :D And of course I'd be delighted to have you participate if you ever find your muse again!
Thanks so much! I will certainly do if I ever find that Muse again... but it's being insanely stubborn lately! :-P

Thank you for organizing it so nicely!! I definitely enjoyed making the treats - sorry I didn't have the time for a cover art this time, but I'll save it for future baskets/stockings (-- and I hope the treat wasn't too cracky for your tastes - couldn't help myself after seeing Neal use a shield.) Thanks again!!

No, the treat is wonderful - thank you so much! ♥ ♥ ♥ And thank you for filling baskets - it is very much appreciated. :D
I'm thrilled to be able to enjoy these gifts.
Thanks to all.