Still enjoying The Flash a lot

The Flash is totally my happy place right now. It's utterly ridiculous, but it's just such a gloriously sweet show, and a breath of fresh air in a landscape of grimdark superhero and action shows. The characters are such darling little rays of sunshine. They hug! They talk out their feelings! They hang out in each other's space and cohabit and have family holidays together! The main character is an emotional over-sharer who plays peacemaker with his friends and adores being a superhero in a bouncy-puppy kind of way. The only member of the group who doesn't start out as a sweet-natured, huggy ray of sunshine is a grim, gun-toting lone wolf who BECOMES a ray of sunshine (a snarky ray of sunshine, and somewhat against his will) after the rest of these darlings adopt him.

It's just the sweetest show, it really is. There are group hugs, characters having Friendship Talks, and some of the healthiest parent-child relationships I can remember seeing recently on TV. (For anyone who bounced off season one BECAUSE of the parent-child relationships, that gets a lot better later, and so does the romantic angst once they stop trying to do a love triangle with endless pining.)

I had a lot of trouble getting into season one, so for me, the show takes off in season two. If you also bounced off early season one, as I did, I can suggest alternate episodes to start with!

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I also bounced off season 1, and could use some bouncy-happy-sunshine. Alternate starting points would very much be appreciated, please thank you?
This is just my experience:

I bounced hard from S1, but Sholio convinced me to start from 2x04 (just to pick up some plot points) and I loved the second season from 2x05 onwards. :)
What Sheron said. :) If you've seen any of S1 at all, you've probably got enough character context to enjoy S2.

The only other episode you might want to watch before skipping ahead is 1x15, because it gives you important emotional/plot context for stuff that happens in season two. However, it is in certain ways a monumentally frustrating episode due to timeline shenanigans. I'm glad I watched it before skipping forward, though.

Then skip ahead to 2x04. You can actually skip most of 2x04 and just go straight to the episode coda if you want (there's a scene at the end that sets up the story arc that was, for me, where the series really kicked off) but it's a sweet episode that'll give you an idea of where the characters are emotionally circa early season two. And then, for me, things started getting good in 2x05 and it was smooth sailing from there on out.