Winter Sunlight

Oh, and a brief political note

I still plan to keep my LJ/DW and my main tumblr a largely politics-free space (quite frankly because I need somewhere to get away from it all), but like many of us, I have a whole bucketload of feelings about the election, so I've created a tumblr sideblog for it: decidingmoments. At this point I don't know how active it'll be - right now it's mainly just reblogging stuff I happen to run across that seems useful, interesting, cathartic, or makes me feel better - but feel free to follow or not, as you like.

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Nice idea. I'm probably not going to follow this particular sideblog so that I don't have it on my flist every day (because politics), but I'll check it periodically :)
Just read through what you've posted so far -- definitely a few things that made me feel better. I gave to the ACLU (among other orgs) last night. :)