The Flash - mostly caught up

I haven't watched 3x05 yet (and still haven't watched most of season one) but otherwise I'm caught up. And, oh, this show. I mean, the plots can be so terrible ... But it's not nearly as bad as LoT, and the character stuff is just pushing my buttons all over the place. I love it. For the past couple of days, this show has been my coping mechanism and happy place.

I don't really see this becoming a major fandom for me. My heart still belongs to Agent Carter, and also a brief dip into the fanfic is making me think that there isn't a whole lot out there to suit the particular things I want to read, and quite possibly a whole world of DNW - I've heard about the unpleasantness of the fandom's ship wars even from tangentially associated superhero fandoms without having seen an episode.

But, oh, these characters. I'm pretty sure the S2-to-early-S3 plot gave me very nearly everything I wanted (except more h/c, always more h/c).

Spoilers welcome in comments! I basically love everyone now, except for the bad guys (including Eobard Thawne, sorry fandom -- looking at the fic tells me he's popular, but for me he's somewhere between "love to hate" and "basically just hate"). EVERYONE ELSE THOUGH. ♥

ETA: Oh wait - recs! Please rec me anything good! I want to find some good vids! [personal profile] xparrot already rec'd one, and I've been poking around Youtube - anyone seen anything good? I would also like to find gen fic, especially Harry-centric with Jesse or team (I already found one author who looks VERY promising and has also written some good LoT and Avengers stuff).

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It is fun series plenty of emotional angst between the character I have enjoyed the conflict between Henry and Jesse. There is a hint of some of much loved characters turning rogue, keeping my fingers crossed this does not happen.
You know my feelings about Harry Wells, so if you find fic about him that is palatable please rec! :D (And Caitlin. I love Caitlin omg)
What are you looking for? Harry, yes - but gen? Shippy? There's a small, but strong Jarrison tag (Joe/Harry) and Harrisco is a big fave, too.

Let me know and I'll share my recs (not a huge fan of anything with Caitlin in it, but will not dis either the actress or the character. Like WestAllen in canon, but I neither read nor actively ship).
Thank you! :D I did stumble upon some Harrisco! I don't really ship in this fandom, though. Some fandoms I'm really OTP-ish about (e.g. Agent Carter), and some I just want teamy gen, and this is very solidly a teamy-gen fandom for me. Mainly I'm looking for team gen fluff, or gen h/c with Harry and other members of the team and/or Jesse.