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I'm watching The Flash and I have FEELS

I bounced off season one of The Flash a couple of times, for various reasons. But I finally made it to season two (admittedly with a bit of selective storyline skipping) and season two is SOO GOOOOD. Or at least idtastically satisfying.

I'm up to 2x12, "Fast Lane".

... 2x12, a.k.a. the one in which Harry tries his best to be a bad guy and utterly fails at it (all the writhing with guilt throughout every scene in which Barry talks about how he thinks of him as a mentor and tries to hug him was AMAZING), and then the team decides that even if he did try to betray them, he's still TEAM and they're going to help him get Jessie back.

♥ ♥ ♥

I'm such a sucker for that kind of thing.

So basically Harry Wells' storyline (Harry Wells: action hero, accidental team dad, utterly incompetent villain) has been hitting all of my buttons epically hard. But the others are super adorable too -- especially Cisco and Caitlin (CUTIES!!). They're all just such nice people; they try so hard to do the right thing, and in general the show seems to reward them for it, and doesn't seem especially inclined to kill characters off just for the angst value.

*fingers crossed*

I even like Barry now - I spent a lot of season one just sort of wanting Iris to punch him in the face, but when he's not constantly moping over her, he's basically a big ball of hearts and puppies. They all are. It's a very happy-making show and I want to watch the next episode NOW (more Earth-2! I can't wait! I love its art-deco-steampunk vibe) but ... sleep first.

Please no spoilers beyond 2x12!

Also please someone tell me that I have useful things tomorrow and don't need to spend the whole day marathoning Flash episodes on Netflix.

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Harry Wells in season 2 is an interesting character. l love that he has shades of grey

*clears throat* "You have useful things tomorrow and dont' need to spend the whole day marathoning Flash episodes on Netflix."

There, duty done. (But I don't mean a word of it...)

The Flash has become our entire family's must-see show now and one of the few episodic, scripted shows we make sure to watch on the night it airs. My daughter started out with the typical and understandable teen crush on Barry but her obsession widened to rope in Harrison Wells and Tom Cavanagh himself. I didn't really see that coming. LOL

I adore Joe and Cisco and Iris. The cast has great chemistry. I think Caitlyn is actually the weakest link but that's just me... that actress has never really done anything for me. Some of my favorite moments have come between Barry and his bio dad... they say hello to one another and I start bawling, pretty much.

hahaha. Well, it's not as if I need the encouragement. XD

They're all such adorable darlings. After Agent Carter went off the air, I've been craving another action/sci-fi show that's positive and upbeat, with characters I want to spend time with, and this show is fulfilling that craving so wonderfully!

Also, LOL to your daughter's Tom Cavanagh crush. Well, I can't complain about her taste. XD
YES!!!!!!!! Harry is so made of awesome - while I loved EoWells (and still do) Harry pushes my buttons every damn second he's on screen.

And the Harry - Jessie relationship is soooo good.

(Spending the day marathoning S2 is better than nailbiting over election returns).
YES! Harry is AMAZING, and Harry and Jessie are so great.

This is providing an excellent election-day distraction.
I KNOW RIGHT. They're all such adorable cuties, and I love it. I was also super happy that they did bring Wells back in a new - and really interesting - form after the end of S1.

That was one of the things I did find really interesting about the way they played S1. Usually, when they're going to set up a storyline like that, they make you like someone and then reveal that they're bad and not everything they seem. This time, they reveal right at the very start that he's not what he seems and just keep on showing that he's a nefarious dude, and yet somehow made me go and like him anyway. I just found it a really interesting way of developing that kind of betrayal. So then getting Earth 2 Wells, super reluctant father figure and fail villain... Loved it.
Usually, when they're going to set up a storyline like that, they make you like someone and then reveal that they're bad and not everything they seem. This time, they reveal right at the very start that he's not what he seems and just keep on showing that he's a nefarious dude, and yet somehow made me go and like him anyway.

YES. :D I really liked that, too! I'm glad they didn't decide to play it the other way, with Wells appearing to be a nice, sympathetic guy for part of the season and then OH WAIT, HE'S EVIL. Because it was interesting, and you never knew what he was going to do next, and I ended up liking him anyway, too! So then I absolutely loved Earth-2 Wells. :D
You do, actually, have...well, useful as in, they'll be of very much use to me if you finish them...things to do? :P
The Flash is Awesome
But the end of season one made me think strongly of
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But the end of season one made me think strongly of <spoiler!!!> how the first Avengers movie went.

{Also I want Caitlin to meet FitzSimmons from Agents of SHIELD!}
Re: The Flash is Awesome
Oh, hmmm, I didn't think of that!

... heh, Caitlin and FitzSimmons would probably get along like a house on fire. :D Hopefully not with actual flaming houses (but flaming pieces of exploding technology, maybe ...)
I have mixed feelings about Flash (the plots are often so dumb, making the characters likewise, and their completely wrong technobabble grates on me more than most because so many of the chars are supposed to be scientists and the writers can't even be bothered to look up the difference between a molecule and an atom, argh!)

But given I spent all of s1 HAAAAAAAAAAATING "Harrison Wells" I was rather startled by how much I completely fell for the real, Earth-2 Harrison Wells. His story really is catnip to a certain type of fangirl (and 2x12 is the first ep of the show that I went and downloaded so I could rewatch, so, yeah XD)
hahaha, YES, that was the main reason why I bounced off the show so hard in season one -- their plans were SO STUPID! Like, I could come up with 3 better plans off the top of my head, and I would just want to scream at the screen WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT WHEN YOU COULD BE DOING THE OTHER THING?? Well, that, and the endless frustrating storyline with Barry more or less stalking Iris, and all the plot-tease "will Iris find about Barry this week? will anyone find out about Harrison? will anyone learn anything ever ???"

I'm not sure if it's better written in season two, or if it's just that Harrison/Harry Wells is such total fangirl catnip for me ... plus I finally fell for the rest of the cast -- as frustrating as the show can be sometimes, I love that it's so generally sweet and optimistic, and they're all such good, well-intentioned people. And I have been loving the slow build with everyone going from disliking and distrusting Harry, to thinking of him as part of the team and risking their lives to help him and Jessie. CATNIP MAN. ♥ ♥ ♥
Yes re: Barry & Iris in s1 -- I've never been a big fan of keeping secret identities from loved ones anyway, but the Flash was about the most egregious example I've ever seen, because there was no good reason at all to keep it from Iris, just Barry and Joe deciding it was best for her that way, Just Because (and because really seemed to be 'to cause dramatic romantic tension'). And they're definitely one of those couples that I prefer together because their will-they-won't-they gets so irritating, just, get over yourselves, and then they're actually pretty cute together.

I don't love the show quite enough to forgive it all its stupidity. But I do love that it is so positive (the CW is a great network for TV that remembers TV can be FUN!) and has such heroic heroes (see also Supergirl.) And Harrison Wells, eeee -- when he was an evil villain pretending to be nice, grrr; but as a grouchy burnt marshmallow pretending to be a villain, YES PLEASE CAN I HAVE SOME MORE.

--Also there's this fanvid:
Which totally got me shipping Harry/Cisco even though it never occurred to me before it. But after...yeah? Whoops? (technically has spoilers for the rest of the season, insofar is that it was made at the season's end, so has clips from the whole season, though I can't say if any are that spoilery? Though in all honestly I don't pay enough attention to say for sure, so if you want to be careful wait until you're caught up.)

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I ended up making life easier on myself by just skipping all the Barry-Iris-Joe-Eddie scenes in S1 that weren't directly plot related, because it was annoying me so badly. Plus, there was other "protect her for her own good" stuff like Joe talking her out of going to the police academy, or trying to make her stop dating his partner because HE (Joe) wouldn't be able to do his job. ... I just wanted Iris to smack all of them senseless for lying to her and manipulating her all the time.

But season two is much better for that now that she knows the truth and can help out on their adventures, and Harry is MADE OF SQUEE. "A grouchy burnt marshmallow", omfg, yes. XDDDD

Thank you so much for the vid rec! I'm going to wait 'til I've seen the whole season to watch it, but I will definitely be wanting vids after!
Yeah, I have a recurring problem in that I love Joe's actor, think he's the most talented on the show (plus I was a major Rent fan way the heck back when, so), and in particular the Joe-Barry adopted-son relationship hits many of my buttons...but then Joe does these stupid controlling things and proves himself not to be the fantastic father the show poses him as - at least not to Iris, and just, argh! Iris really should've gotten the chance to punch them both out. But I do like it much better now that she's fully part of the team.
Oh she finds out in S2? THANK GOD.

I need to give this show another watch, I have a feeling if I skip past the whole "iris must never know because reasons" subplot I'll enjoy it quite a bit.
I <3 Flash. I just do. It's like you and others have commented: you just end up *liking* all of them, sometimes in spite of yourself. It's not perfect, but it's well done overall, and just... they're just so dang lovable!! <3
Hi! I am Sheron's friend and told her I would stop lurking if you posted about the Flash. (I've read your White Collar fic too.) I love this show and Harry Wells and just wanted to say hello and keep my promise. :)
Hello there!! You must be the other Flash fan she was telling me about who's been trying to get her to watch the show. Welcome! <3 Yeah, I just got caught up on all the Harry eps, and I am brimming over with love and delight for this show and these adorable, ridiculous darlings. Please do stick around! I will probably be writing some fanfic for it soon. <3