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Give me a character, and I'll tell you:

First impression
Impression now
Favorite moment
Idea for a story
Unpopular opinion
Favorite relationship
Favorite headcanon

The usual disclaimer applies: I have a tendency to start these and not finish them, so don't take it personally if your comment isn't answered! Characters from any fandom I'm at least sort of familiar with are welcome.

(The original meme was "one or more characters", but I'm capping it at one per comment to make it easier on myself.)

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First impression: LOVE ♥

Impression now: LOVE ♥
(Seriously, Ana was one of those characters who had the deck stacked against her because she'd been so heavily built up as the Love Of Jarvis's Life that it was going to be terribly difficult for her to live up to the hype -- and then she turned out to be everything I never knew I wanted and more. It was love at first sight basically.)

Favorite moment: probably a toss-up between standing up to Whitney to save Jason, and "I was waiting to see what else I could get" in 2x08.

Idea for a story: Ana doing something undercover for the SSR or SHIELD. If we'd gotten a season three, I really hope this is something that would actually have happened; I think she'd be great at it. Also, JARVIS'S FACE.

Unpopular opinion: I'm actually okay with the infertility plotline. I understand why people hated it, I truly do, but the worst level it bothered me on personally was just the "sort of cliche" level (when the show was usually so much better about avoiding that stuff).

Favorite relationship: Ana and Edwin, all the way

Favorite headcanon: I have an unreasonable fondness for the idea of Ana using her husband and his friends as art models, though I've never actually used it in a story.
Awwwwwww :3 Love all of this <3

YES ABSOLUTELY. Jarvis would be flipping out the whole time and Ana would so cheerfully get the best of everyone, despite her lack of undercover experience.

(I have a really hard time thinking of Jarvis as Edwin for some reason....)
(I have a really hard time thinking of Jarvis as Edwin for some reason....)

I KNOW!! I almost wrote "Ana and Jarvis" there, and then it didn't feel quite right to use the last name when I was talking about her husband! But ... yes. I think this is actually one of the main things stopping me from writing his POV more often, because it doesn't quite feel right to do his POV while referring to him by his last name, but I just can't get used to using his first name -- it feels so wrong! (Oddly enough it feels much less weird when I'm writing Ana and having her think of him as Edwin, since she clearly does in canon. Otherwise, though, it just doesn't feel right ...)
Ahaha true.

I think that it's because pretty much all the main characters call him Jarvis - Peggy, Howard, the SSR, basically everyone but Ana, obviously. So you look at his face and think Jarvis. (Which is odd because you also hear disembodied voice and think Jarvis). IT'S ALL CANON, FOLKS.

(I am more than a little sleep deprived atm.)
The infertility plotline actually made a lot of sense to me because that's how they end up with Tony being essentially raised by Jarvis, and I find that connection neat.
First impression: I think I liked him, but it's hard to remember now. I watched the pilot when it first aired, and didn't really like it (I KNOW RIGHT), and didn't pick the show up again 'til season three. I remember sort of lukewarm-liking both main characters but not really finding them that engaging. (SELF REALLY WHY)

Impression now: AARGH. So. This is a hard question to answer right now because of THAT STUPID FINALE. I've had some ups and downs with Neal over the years, but it basically tend to revert to "♥ NEAL ♥" even if there were little blips along the way -- now, though. FINALE. Though I'm trying to get over it.

Favorite moment: NOOOO, JUST ONE?? If I must pick, I think it's either the airless vault scene in 1x08 or copying Peter's mannerisms when he's being Peter in 2x15. (Actually like about 50% of the scenes in that episode. I love that episode too, too much.)

Idea for a story: I pretty much wrote them all! Though I remember one idea someone suggested ages ago, in which Neal playfully changes details in his own file after he starts working at White Collar, just to see if Peter will notice, that always struck me as a really fun one I wanted to do something with someday. (ETA: Oh nooo, but now I'm remembering all the "write this someday" ones that I never wrote. Such as the historical AU in which Neal and El meet in a TB sanitarium in upstate New York, in which she's a patient and he's basically snuck in to fleece the wealthy patients and ends up making friends with her.)

Unpopular opinion: That Neal wasn't oppressed or abused by Peter; Peter definitely had the legal advantage, but Neal had the emotional upper hand in the relationship at least half the time, and could have left anytime he wanted.

Favorite relationship: Neal + Peter ♥

Favorite headcanon: I was always fond of anything and everything to do with artist!Neal, and I really love the idea of Neal doing his own art post-series -- not forgeries, developing his own style, and maybe running an art gallery or something.

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I can’t believe it’s almost been two years since we saw the finale - the feels really are strong with that one. Sometimes I get so angsty just thinking about it, other times I like it / am okay with it, that Neal is finally free, then I find myself getting conflicted over AGAIN. Getting over it? Not easy.

For all of his bad decisions though, Neal is just so annoyingly irresistible. Grrr. 1x08 and 2x15 are TOO GOOD - I just can’t keep a stupid grin from creeping up my face every time I watch them! I have a special fondness for 1x10 too - the character dynamics are just too great from Seasons 1 to 3. And your fics never fail to enhance those feels :D

Those two fic ideas, btw, sound GREAT. I can imagine Peter going “… this is not right” in the first one then coming up with a way to teach Neal a lesson. So much fun!! And ohh - the AU is too cool as well - I can see El being her astute self even while sick and sensing that there’s more to Neal than it seems (— though I can see her shocked as well, hmm). The thing about Neal though, he has such a good heart that it’s SO hard to hate him or be angry at him. Frustrated yes, but it’s mostly just a sense of UGH. NEAAAAALLLL rather than actually washing your hands off him. Neal neal neal.

So yeah, I definitely agree that Neal had the emotional upper hand in the r/s with Peter, who is too morally upright and A Good Man to actually abuse any of his rights anyway. Peter keeps himself in check, while Neal… makes… stupid decisions…

… that unfortunately ends up hurting people around him.

I like your head canon! Hopefully now (post 6x6) that he’s had the chance to “find himself”, so to speak, Peter can track him down to an art gallery in Paris where Neal Caffrey and Neal Caffrey originals are :D
For all of his bad decisions though, Neal is just so annoyingly irresistible.

I KNOW. XD It's just impossible to stay mad at him. I'm actually rereading some of my old fics tonight ...
I don't have an icon that just shows Daniel by himself! Well, I have some free icon slots now ... hmm ... :D

First impression: I liked him from the beginning! I remember being worried in the first few episodes of season one that he was going to turn out to be a traitor, back when everyone was speculating that somebody was, and no one knew it was Dottie yet. I think there was something in my very first post about the show, after watching the first episode, along the lines of "I think he might turn out to be Peggy's husband, and I'm totally okay with that." So yeah, I don't think I had really strong feelings on him in the premiere yet, but I already liked him.

Impression now: Daniel is an adorable puppy and I love him.

Favorite moment: Toss-up between that moment in the season one finale when you realize he's been playing Fennhoff all along, and the bit in the season two finale when everyone is arguing over who gets the suicide mission and then turns around to find out Daniel is just quietly doing the thing.

Idea for a story: Obviously I have many MANY ideas for these characters right now, but one interesting one I've been kicking around is a modern AU with Daniel as a homeless vet living on the beach who starts noticing suspicious stuff related to drug trafficking on the waterfront, and Peggy as a DEA agent assigned to the area.

Unpopular opinion: This is obviously not unpopular in Peggysous-shipping circles, but there are certain segments of Tumblr fandom who seem to have gotten the impression that Daniel is a Nice Guy (TM) as opposed to just a nice guy, and, no. There's never been anything on the show to make me think that he doesn't respect Peggy as a person as well as respecting her wishes. Fandom is wrong like a wrong thing about that one.

Favorite relationship: The three-way Daniel-Peggy-Jack triad, platonically or otherwise.

Favorite headcanon: That his mom died when he was young and his dad raised him, so they've always been very close.
There's never been anything on the show to make me think that he doesn't respect Peggy as a person as well as respecting her wishes.

So much this!
Ray of your choice: Vecchio or Kowalski. (Or both if you feel like it.)
I'd better do Vecchio; I haven't seen enough of Kowalski.

First impression: It's been so long now that it's hard to say (I was in my mid-teens when the pilot first aired *dates self*) but I'm pretty sure I liked him from the first episode.

Impression now: I still really liked him when I rewatched the Vecchio episodes a little while back - possibly even more as an adult than a teen, because now I appreciate his "trying to be a good guy in a dirty world" persona more than I did then, although I liked him quite a lot then. (Full disclosure: I've never made it into the Kowalski episodes because I miss Vecchio too much. One of these days ...)

Favorite moment: Refusing to leave Fraser even when his ghost dad is trying to argue him into it in "North."

Idea for a story: Hmmm. I don't know if I have one at the moment. I imagine I'd come up with a dozen without even trying if I rewatched the episodes, though; that's how my brain seems to work!

Unpopular opinion: Is it possible to have a favorite Ray WITHOUT it being an unpopular opinion? Because he is definitely my favorite Ray. But then, I've never given RayK a fair chance.

Favorite relationship: Ray + Fraser, of course

Favorite headcanon: I've never really been fannish enough about the show to have headcanons for the characters, that I can think of.
Hahaha, I'll let you guess the character, it'll be difficult but you can do it. :P
I assume we're talking about Jack Thompson here. :D

First impression: Someone please push him down an elevator shaft. (Actually I think it was more like general disinterest escalating to ELEVATOR SHAFT NOW over the first 3-4 episodes.)

Impression now: His redemption arc was everything I never knew I wanted, his storyline in season two was wonderful, I want endless h/c, and haters can fight me.

Favorite moment: Taking the dinner orders in 2x10.

Idea for a story: ... well, besides all the ones I'm currently writing, the whole idea of Jack getting Winter Soldier'd after the season two finale is terribly appealing.

Unpopular opinion: I'm pretty sure just liking him is an unpopular opinion, though less so than it used to be.

Favorite relationship: The Peggy-Jack-Daniel triad. At the end of season one, my favorite pairing for him was probably Jack + Daniel, which swung over hard into Jack + Peggy after season two, but I still love the three of them together best.

Favorite headcanon: That he goes ahead and stays friends with Peggy and Daniel for all of their lives, does the hero thing, and is pretty good at it.
First impression: Basically "Bucky who?" I literally didn't even REMEMBER him from TFA, except that he died. I enjoyed Sebastian Stan in Once Upon a Time and was surprised when I looked him up on imdb to find that he was in TFA. (Also, I am very amused now to remember looking for Sebastian Stan gifs on Tumblr after watching the second season of OUaT and hardly being able to find anything. HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED. I also remember being annoyed that he wasn't going to be on OUaT anymore because he had a bigger role in the MCU. AHAHAHAHA.)

Impression now: I'm not as invested in him as I once was, but I still really love the guy, especially since CW seems to have confirmed a lot of my Bucky headcanon for how I aways used to him. My Bucky is pretty close to canon Bucky and I'm happy about that.

Favorite moment: The bit where he recognizes Steve at the end of TWS.

Idea for a story: Bucky makes friends with his neighbors in Romania between TWS and CW.

Unpopular opinion: He's FUNCTIONAL. He doesn't think of himself as "it." He's messed up and probably always will be to some extent, but he's capable of feeding himself and living independently. (Second unpopular opinion while I'm being unpopular anyway: post-TWS murder spree = NOPE. Even more so after watching CW and seeing how much he doesn't want to be that guy anymore.)

Favorite relationship: Steeeeeve. With Bucky + Sam and Bucky + Nat as close runners-up.

Favorite headcanon: That he and Sam bond and develop a friendship independently from either's friendship with Steve.
First impression: Basically "Bucky who?"

LOL! That's really hilarious in retrospect, yeah. :D

I don't really remember my own first impressions - the Captain America side of the MCU wasn't something I was interested in at all prior to TWS - but I caught a lot via fandom osmosis before I got into the fandom myself, so it's all hopelessly muddled.

Your unpopular opinions are my unpopular opinions! I've read versions of Bucky that were far less functional, and I've read murder spree versions, and I've sometimes liked both, but I never felt either of them were very close to canon. And I'm very happy with what canon gave us - feeling totally vindicated. :p

Also, I want Bucky-in-Romania fic SO MUCH. And people don't seem interested at all. There were a few (mostly plum-related) immediately after CW, but damn, I want so much more than that. ALL the fic!
What about Rodney McKay, if you're still taking questions? :)