Winter Sunlight

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I'm running a White Collar fall fest over at collarcorner, basically doing it Fandom Stocking style. People have "treat baskets" and ficcers/writers/etc put treats in them -- screened, to be revealed on Nov. 14. I think I'll leave the treat basket request post open until Halloween, and then close it. So you can still get a basket if you want to! And fill requests! We could really use more people filling requests (although, at this point, everyone has at least one thing in their basket). You don't have to have a basket to fill requests, or vice versa. There's a community for posting anything longer or more complex than a brief commentfic.

Also, it's a gen comm, so all requests and treats must be gen.

... in other news, we now have snow, and I'm sleepy and I don't want to write anything. Blergh.

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So, totally on topic: how about that AC Big Bang you talked about in the summer? Because that would :D
.... oh man. I need to actually get that off the ground. It's getting late enough in the year now that it'd be in danger of conflicting with SSR Confidential (which I am definitely running again!) if I don't get going soon. Although ... maybe I could start the ACBB in January, then movie SSR Confidential forward a bit ... HMMMM. :D

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I have a theory that cold weather triggers an hibernation instinct, which could explain why you're feeling sleepy!! Though if you go outside for five minutes, it could have the reverse effect and wake you up! *shivers*