Winter Sunlight

Legends of Tomorrow is back

... and during the hiatus, I appear to have forgotten how utterly, utterly terrible this show is. I swear watching it is the weirdest mix of cringing because the writing is so, so indefensibly bad, and being completely riveted by the characters.

Wait, whaaaat, did Rip just ... die? (Channeling Ember Island Players from AtLA: "It was really unclear ...")

I am massively bored by the new guy so far. Every time he's on the screen I can feel my interest plummeting. Also, I am really missing Snart and Kendra, especially if Rip is also gone now, which leaves the team dynamics really sparse.

Mick being the one to get the team back together, though. ♥ (And Rip touching Mick's arm right before he ... dies ... or whatever exactly happened to him. MY HEART.)

The cognitive dissonance of the entire episode being about the characters trying to stop the atomic bomb from being dropped on New York so that the US can develop the technology first and drop it on a different city was ... really a lot. On the other hand, it's not like it was the only thing about this episode that was anvilliciously terrible. (And the first Captain America movie did that one, too.)

It delivered nicely on the Mick/Ray dynamic, though! And I could happily watch a whole season of Sara getting all the time-travel lesbian action.

Everyone is adorable, and I really miss Rip if he's gone*, and it's so nice to have a sci-fi show that's light and funny and just ridiculous fun without being super heavy, but oh god the writing is so bad.

*Considering that no one who's died so far on the show has actually stayed dead, aside from bad guys, I have a lot of hope he'll be back eventually.

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I watched this show's first ep recently, and - yeah. I really have to agree with you on the writing. I had rather been hoping it improves, but evidently not...?
Welllll, that's complicated. Like I was just saying in a comment over on DW, I do think the middle episodes of the first season are stronger than the beginning and end of the season. And the show is genuinely good with character arcs, which is bizarre considering what a hot mess the rest of the writing is. I have a pretty high tolerance for dumb plots if I'm enjoying the characters, but this show has one of the widest gulfs between those two poles that I've ever come across. Like, usually if the plots are terrible then the character development is terrible and inconsistent too, but on this show, it's actually good! They manage to hit so many of my friendship-porn highlights, and they remember and have neat little callbacks to character stuff that happened six episodes ago, so why can't they write episodes that don't suck. /o\

I do think it's worth giving it a fair shot if you have a reasonably high tolerance for dumb plots. It was basically episodes 3-5 that really hooked me, and by the fifth one it had me pretty hard. But life is short and I completely, 100% understand wanting to do something else with your time. XD I also suspect that if the character stuff hasn't started outweighing the terrible plots by the fourth or fifth episode, it's not worth continuing because it probably never will.
You have now made the amazing stupidity of the plots sound like a fascinating phenomenon! Very impressive - and probably very helpful in terms of enduring it. :-)

This is all excellent to know. I do plan on watching a few eps more, and rather hope I will be snagged, but if I make it to ep 5 without results, I'll just give up. As you say, life is short, and there are so many other bad shows to watch. ;-)

That sounds bad enough to be my sort of guilty pleasure.... :)
I can't figure out if it's guilty-pleasure bad or just bad, but I'm still watching it ...
Haaaah we have to decide whether we're going to watch this season or not. Especially with Snart gone, as he (and his amazingly ridiculous diction, that drawl, omg it was the best acting choice ever) was at least 70% of what I loved (Sara was most of the rest, but I loved her more in Arrow and am still a bit sulky she won't be coming back to that...)

It may depend on whether we have sufficient materials to tie and gag Gnine, as she has SCREAMING FITS watching this show (she's long had the talent of making sense of television nonsense, building struts of explanation over the most gaping plotholes, but she cannot make sense of the plots here and their fondness for contradicting rules of time travel established literally five minutes before in the same episode...I have never seen any show that requires, nay, DEMANDS, that you turn off your brain like LoT...)

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I have never seen any show that requires, nay, DEMANDS, that you turn off your brain like LoT...


I think this series probably works best when marathoned, as you only have to turn your brain off ONCE and then can leave it off for multiple episodes at a time. I'm still watching, but I really am not as fond of the overall cast dynamic with the S2 cast as the S1 cast -- also, the farther back they travel in time, the more unwatchable the plots become (the 1950s were all right, but they went back to the 1700s in one episode which was basically a whole world of WTF, and apparently they're going to feudal Japan next week, which is likely to be EVEN WORSE) and on top of that, a particular spoiler thing I really want to happen looks unlikely to happen anytime in the near future, so I'm probably going to save up episodes and marathon, or just cherry-pick the ones that look promising.
Heh, yeah, I think marathoning would work better. We were watching in real-time as it aired, and it started off well but as it went along, oy vey.

Do not think Gnine will be able to take feudal Japan..that's what finally drove us from Heroes, because we know a bit too much to enjoy it (and I'm guessing it's set in Tokugawa era and will they even mention that as white folks they're liable to be executed on sight...)

--What spoiler thing? Rip coming back (I read all your post) or something else? (this is not a show I care about being spoiled!)