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Dear Yuletide author

Thank you so much for writing for me! I am generally very easy to please, and I am equally excited about all of these fandoms, so I'm sure I will love whatever you make for me!

General likes: hurt/comfort, plotty fic, fluffy fic, angst with a happy ending, action, quiet moments of domesticity, gen, banter, competence, cuddling, presumed dead but really alive, characters saving each other.

General dislikes: Crossovers, character death, unhappy endings.

Individual requests under the cut. Fandoms: The Cinder Spires (Jim Butcher), Never Trust a Dead Man (Vivian Vande Velde), Vorkosigan Saga (Lois McMaster Bujold), Benjamin January Mysteries (Barbara Hambly).

The Cinder Spires - Jim Butcher
Francis Grimm & Alexander Bayard & Calliope Ransom
Book rec

Ohhhh man, THESE THREE. I will take anything with them, gen or any pairing combination -- something to do with their tangled history, OT3 getting-together fic, a sky pirate adventure, hurt/comfort (I really don't care who is hurt and who is comforted), ANYTHING. Calliope in prison and Bayard & Grimm using their connections to get her out? The boys in trouble and Calliope coming to their rescue? Give me any kind of sky-pirate queen and airship marine shenanigans, from actiony stuff to drinking together or whatever, and I will be very very happy.

One thing about doing them as an OT3 - Bayard's mistress Abigail seems really great, so I'd prefer if you don't completely blow up his marriage on the page. Obviously you don't even have to mention it if you don't want to, but if Abigail does appear in the fic, I'd really rather not have it be in a "you are sleeping with pirates and we are THROUGH!" sort of context. (Basically, I love Abigail so don't make her sad? But she is very welcome in the fic if you'd like to include her!)

Also, it's fine with me if you only write about two of the three, if you have a particular idea involving two of them but not the third. There's basically ZERO fic out there for these characters, so anything would be great!

Never Trust a Dead Man - Vivian Vande Velde
Farold & Selwyn & Elswyth
Book rec

Post-book fic would be amazing. How do these three handle traveling together? How does Farold cope with being a goose? Does he end up as some other kind of animal entirely, or even somehow come back to life in his real body? (It could happen! I like to imagine that it might!) Do they all get thrown out of more villages? Do they find a quiet place to settle down together, or get on a ship and see the world? Just ... any post-book fic, please. :D

Gen is absolutely great, but if you want to do pairings I'm up for any pairing including OT3, although if Farold is involved, can he please be a) alive and b) human before any sexy funtimes happen. (Though ghost!pining is welcome. Just ... no animal sex, please.)

Vorkosigan Saga
Mark Vorkosigan & Miles Vorkosigan

I love how, as of Cryoburn, these two have gotten a lot more relaxed with each other and settled into a relationship of mutual comfort and respect, even though they have their separate lives and aren't exactly what you'd call close. I'd love anything, really, to do with their sibling relationship. Some ideas: Mark dealing with Miles and Ekaterin starting a family, or coping with Miles's kids; the two of them grieving or bonding in the wake of Aral's death; Mark helping with a search & rescue after something happens to Miles (or vice versa); Mark and Miles's perspective on any of the books in which they didn't appear much (getting together and having drinks to cope with their mom remarrying?*). Basically I guess I just want sibling bonding, banter, snark, maybe some h/c, that kind of thing -- really, if you have any idea involving the two of them, feel free to go for it! I'm also totally up for making it an ensemble piece; there aren't really any characters in this fandom I don't love, and I'm especially fond of Kareen.

*If you deal with Cordelia at all, please don't shame her for wanting more kids. That's a hard DNW for me in this fandom.

Benjamin January Mysteries - Barbara Hambly
Abishag Shaw

I adore all the characters in this series, so any others that you want to put in are A+ fine by me! But I really, really want more Shaw. He's such an interesting character, and his wary friendship with Ben is wonderful, so Ben-Shaw buddyfic would be amazing. It would also be delightful to see him interacting with someone he hasn't had much interaction with in the books, such as Rose or Hannibal. What if circumstances cause Shaw to have to babysit his brother's namesake, little Baby John? What if he has to pull Hannibal out of some kind of trouble that Ben doesn't even know about, or gets unexpected help from one of the others on a case he's working on? You could also go back in time to younger Shaw and his family, or Shaw in his early days in New Orleans -- or hey, even something that moves back and forth in time, contrasting where he was a decade ago to where he is now.

It might also be interesting to see something of his personal life, or something sweet and domestic with Shaw and the January-Vitrac family. (I mean, to the extent that "sweet and domestic" is possible for them; I'm thinking something along the lines of the ending of "The Shirt on His Back.") Maybe they invite him over for a holiday, or he needs Ben and Rose's help after he's injured on a case. THAT LAST ONE ... I'm not even sure how this would work considering the social dynamics in the books, but ohhhh wow, Shaw having to move into Ben and Rose's guest bedroom while he recuperates after being hurt -- DO WANT! Plus, there's plenty of potential for mystery/intrigue/angst, since they're currently operating as an active station on the Underground Railroad, so they'd have to try to hide THAT while he was underfoot ...

In conclusion, please don't worry about sticking too close to any of my requests if you have a different idea. I'm requesting these fandoms and these characters because I love them, and my reading tastes are fairly broad as long as it's not just "rocks fall, everyone dies", so if you write a story that speaks to you, I'll probably love it too!

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