Autumn-berries in sunlight


Commentfic prompt fest on DW! Leave prompts or fill prompts; all fandoms welcome. Leaving a prompt in one of my fandoms will produce a likelihood, though not a guarantee, of getting a fill. :D (Thanks to [personal profile] recessional for the link.)

I had a table at Senshi-Con this weekend, and then I had family, and then I drove almost 400 miles cumulatively today. Excuse me while I fall over. I am, however, doing Inktober this month, for the first time. My contributions are shared on Facebook here (it's public, so you don't need to have me friended, but you might have to be logged in on FB to see it). Nothing spectacular, just a quick ink sketch per day - and not fannish or Kismet-related; so far it includes things like an otter and a child dressed as a unicorn. I need more drawing practice!

And I also have a glass of blackberry honey wine, which is very tasty and I'm sure will not put me instantly to sleep at all.

ETA: I am on my third glass of wine now, and I'm not asleep; instead I'm posting tons of prompts in most of my different fandoms over at the commentfic prompt fest linked above! *tempts*

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LOTS of driving, you totally deserve the wine!! :)

Great artwork too! I have a thing about otters and it's all the fault of greyias, if you remember her? Her and her otter SGA fics... :D :D
Oh wow, I haven't thought about her fics in AGES. :D It's too bad she's not still on LJ; I follow her on Twitter, but I'm on it so rarely that I usually just end up checking specific people's Twitters and I keep forgetting she's on there ...

(I am now at the point where I think I should have probably stopped after the second glass of wine last night, but oh well. XD)

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I keep meaning to check her twitter, but I rarely remember to go on there these days. Still, we'll always have the otters!! :D
I'm driving about 410km tomorrow :D Okay it's only 250 miles but still. I will so relate to how you're feeling shortly.

SO glad you're back :D
That's still quite a drive! And thank you. :) It's VERY nice to be back. I hope you find inspiration on your trip!
Hope you had a great trip some of the sketches are spectacular especially like the deer (or is an antelope) one.