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I wrote a (short) thing:

Unholy Matrimony (Legends of Tomorrow, 500 wds)
Rip keeps a running tally of how many times each person on the Waverider has managed to get themselves accidentally married and/or betrothed in various time periods. Hey, everyone needs a hobby.

This was written for fanfic_tropes over on Imzy (this week's trope: Arranged Marriage), though like all things Imzy, you can't see it unless you're signed up and logged in.

I'm liking Imzy better now that I've started getting a little more engaged over there. Fanfic_tropes is pretty fun; I'm also enjoying indie_authors, worldbuilding, and legends_of_tomorrow. The latter two aren't very active at the moment, but I expect the LoT comm will get more active when the new season starts. (Like I was saying to [personal profile] muccamukk, my current level of emotional engagement with Legends of Tomorrow is just about perfect for discussing it in a general discussion comm. I enjoy watching it, but I'm not that invested in it, and I am resigned to the fact that it's a fun show but not a particularly good show. As opposed to something like Agent Carter, where I have !!OPINIONS!! and I just know I would be That Jerk who gets into arguments all the time because people are Wrong On The Internet.) I also discovered that an AC author I really like, who has no other social media presence I'm aware of, has a personal blog on Imzy (oh_simone), so I finally have a place to keep up with her current projects.

So, yeah, unsurprisingly, the more you do with it, the more fun it is. I haven't tried creating a community or blog of my own yet; you only get to make two of them in closed beta, and I still haven't come up with an idea that's grabbing me. However, I'm getting used to the Imzy interface (I mean, when it comes right down to it, it's more or less like other commenting interfaces, from Facebook to Disqus to LJ) and it's another entertaining time-sink to sink my free time into.

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hmmm you can't even look at the site unless you're a member. That makes it a bit difficult to know if you'd like to BE a member but I'm glad you're enjoying it.
Yeah, they're in closed beta right now, so the site isn't viewable without an account. Hopefully this will change once they come out of beta, because that's a real dealbreaker for a social media hangout site.

(I do have invites if you want one.)
yeah that is a real issue as far as growing the site so hopefully soon they'll feel comfortable with people seeing it.

I don't want to waste an invite if I don't like the site (and I'm truly not sure I have time for another one)
We started watching LOT but then I went through a serious "need to cut out all even remotely violent TV" period where I dropped most of my shows for a while. I'm finally at the point were I feel like I can pick them back up again, but the LOT eps got deleted. We'll have to figure out how to catch up on them. What do you enjoy about the show?

I have as yet to spend much time on Imzy. Time is a real issue for me these days, but I'll check out the groups you mentioned!
I hope you enjoy LoT when you pick it back up again, if you can! For me, the big appeal is the characters and friendships. In spite of the plots being nothing to write home about (and in some cases downright terrible), the show actually does a really good job with consistent character/relationship arcs that play out over multiple episodes. Some of the friendships take the whole season to build (or most of it, at least) and have a really great payoff when they do. And they give just as much weight to the platonic relationships between characters as they do to the canon love triangle. I was really happy about that.
That's what I love most about 'team' shows. That's what I want to see! We'll have to find a way to catch up. :-)
the site seems to be restricted for non members glad you are enjoying it more.
Aargh, yeah, sorry, I forgot to mention that -- the site is in closed beta, so you need an account to view it. I do have some invites if you wanted one. I think it's going to be viewable without being logged in when they come out of beta.
If anyone on here needs imzy invites I'm pretty sure I still have a bunch.
someone on tumblr I follow had a ton (she created a "personal blog"), where you followed the link and clicked and she could approve you and you got instant invite. So I did that. Then proceeded to just 'join' a ton of old fandom type groups - like x-files,due south, star trek and etc. I sort of click on to see the conversations, but haven't done much yet. Very message board like - but actually, if say I was in a x-files mood - I could go and just read up on what people are talking about, rather than on tumblr - where it's all jumbled up, and depends on who you follow.

So, I'm not active or anything - but I can see the appeal. Especially for the younger set who've had to deal with tumblr and being unable to carry on discussions.

I also have invites for those who want them.
Did you find a Stargate site? I only found one and it encompassed the entire franchise...