Time to break out my autumn and Halloween icons

The [personal profile] spook_me ficathon is running again! Signup post on LJ / Signup post on DW. This is a low-pressure ficathon in which you pick a creature/monster from their list (or they can send you a random one) and also get two creepy or surreal pictures to go with it as a prompt, and then write a story based on at least one of those three things. I really enjoy this one, and there's no penalty for dropping out. I think I've only finished a story for it the first year and whatever year I wrote Ghost Stories in the Van, but I decided to sign up and have them send me a random creature this year. (Two actually, because I decided to sign up for both Agent Carter and MCU -- you can sign up to write as many stories as you think you can manage. I figured that even if I got a completely unworkable prompt for one of them, the other would probably be okay ...) Signups close on Sept. 17.

Today I saw a regular jet airplane fly over with four fighter jets escorting it, which is not something you see every day. I wonder if it was something serious, or a practice maneuver (with an air force base nearby, we see them practicing a lot).

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Good luck with it. I signed up twice too, once as Jana with an original short and here with fullmetal alchemist