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This is not the vacation post you're looking for

This is really more a post to mention that I watched Zootopia on the flight home from England, and absolutely adored it. I think it might be my favorite of the various Disney/Pixar/computer-animated movies since Finding Nemo. A buddy-movie about an adult male and female character without a romance in sight, multiple female characters doing stuff and interacting with each other (including some very atypical female characters, like the polar bear drill sergeant, and a main female protagonist who didn't feel stereotyped or sexualized), loads of sight gags and jokes that are genuinely funny (THE DMV OMGGGGG), a plot that hit a lot of unique beats and (to me at least) didn't feel as formulaic as the Pixar-style movies sometimes can ... it was basically just a really fun, distracting movie that hit loads of my character-related happy buttons. Definitely one to be rewatched.

coulda used more h/c though, given the premise

Edit: Movie spoilers in comments!

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Ok, this movie has been sitting in my queue for weeks, it's time I finally watch it, I know it's awesome \o/
Ahhh I need to watch that one again, I absolutely loved it - of course, DuckTales was my favorite show ever when I was 9 (it might be the first TV show I ever mentally wrote fic for) and Zootopia was so clearly someone who loved those anthropomorphic worlds but spent time wondering how they could actually work. And that's not even getting to the marvelous characters, not least of which the heroine with all her gung-ho spunk (and yet not perfect, making mistakes and learning from them and being a real person, er, rabbit), and a fox who isn't evil (my predator-loving inner child was cheering so hard)!

...and yes, could've used more h/c (I can't be the only one who was slightly disappointed that it was just berries and not the real drug at the climax there, even if the partnership was A+++)
Judy was such a fantastic heroine; I loved that we saw her work so hard to overcome so many obstacles and her own prejudices. You don't get those kinds of growth arcs for female characters all that often. I also really loved her character design. The expressive ears!! Actually, though I did really like Nick as a character (con artist finds his inner hero is total catnip for me) I didn't like his character design nearly as much; it was a lot more ... cartoony, I guess? Or just sort of like every animated fox ever? Whereas Judy's design was very unique and interesting, not like other cartoon rabbits. But yeah, I absolutely adored that all of the characters were people first and foremost, with flaws and motivations.

(I can't be the only one who was slightly disappointed that it was just berries and not the real drug at the climax there, even if the partnership was A+++)

LOL SAME. :D I loved the con/teamwork aspect of that scene, but I wanted the genuine peril! I was actually very surprised that the movie never used the drug to put either of the protagonists in genuine danger from each other (and, ngl, I really thought it was going to be Judy who got hit with it, not Nick, especially after we found out that prey species can also go savage when exposed to it).

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Aww, I liked Nick's design, because it was so stereotypically 'sly fox', and then he's so much more as a character. But Judy's design is amazingly adorable, yes (and heeeeee the conversation about calling bunnies 'cute'...but she was!)

And hee, as soon as they show the drug it's obvious the blueberries are going to be used for a bait & switch, but I still wanted more (it was silly how much more I wanted it, actually; the characters just got me so hard! Though a lot of that was that it brought out the kid in me, and that kid wanted h/c so badly even if she didn't know it was a thing XD)

Am hoping for a sequel - considering its popularity I imagine one is in the works, though I wonder if it will be with the same characters or just in the same universe; there's a lot to explore there!
I can't be the only one who was slightly disappointed that it was just berries and not the real drug at the climax there, even if the partnership was A+++

You are definitely not the only one. *g*
I loved that movie too. And as a girl who *never* was into princesse stuff, I was particularly delighted to see an animated movie where the main character was a female in a role that was not girly - and really it could just have been a male, but it happened to be a girl. And I LOVED that. That's a character I would have loved identifying with as a kid.

Lots of great stuff in that movie, but if I had to keep only one thing, that's the one I really appreciated the most.
Yes! :D I loved that Judy's story would have been no different if she'd been a boy, but it was really great to see a female character in that kind of role.
It was so sweet and creative - I loved it. I especially liked that they didn't make the mice the same size as the elephants.
Yes! I loved the tiny rodent city (the hamster wheels and tubes between the buildings, heeeee) and all the different issues that came up with so many different sized animals living together. (I found a deleted scene on Youtube in which Judy, the rabbit, has to use an elephant computer - here! I wish they'd kept this in the movie; it's really adorable.)
I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Zootopia. The DMV routine drew me to the movie. No matter how many times I watch the sloth employees I laugh. Such a perfect example of the pain we all suffer while waiting in office lines. :)
The DMV was probably my favorite scene. I laughed SO MUCH. Or, rather, since I was on a plane with seatmates, I tried desperately to stifle my giggles at that point. :D
I loved it! Although the press conference scene twinges my embarrassment squick hard-- I actually watched it for the first time in a van with coworkers on a long work trip, and forgot I had an audience, so when I started going "No, no, no don't do it!" someone asked me what was wrong. XD That said, her apology was basically the perfect model of how to respond when you've screwed up, so I thought that part was great.
Yeah, that scene was hard for me to watch, as well. Poor Judy. But yeah, the apology was really lovely, and made me tear up!
Yes! I went in with low expectations, but it turned out to be an absolute delight.
Going on my list of movies to watch, once it's on DVD! Sounds like fun! :D

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I really loved that she wanted to be a cop and to really serve and protect :D Also this scenario of her friendship with Nick hits all my buttons. Glad I watched it, purely based on this rec!