Avengers-Agent Carter OT3

Drive-by Agent Carter/Avengers fic rec

This is post-Civil War, and therefore contains huuuuge spoilers for that movie. But it's SO GOOD:

the lingering remainders by oh_simone (gen, 5500 wds)
In which, a visitor from Tony Stark's past drops by the Avengers compound to drink his top shelf liquor and provide some perspective.

Despite the Civil War time period, this is very much an Agent Carter fic (though equally much a Captain America-Iron Man fic). Back when I first got into the show last year, oh_simone's AC fics were one of my favorite things in the fandom; she writes a fabulous Jack-Peggy-Daniel triad, so I was really hoping she'd come back and write some more after season two. And this does not disappoint in the slightest, tying together the present and past generations of MCU characters with themes of forgiveness, family, and redemption -- all delivered in a light, funny tone that just means it hits all the harder when it turns around and delivers a straight punch to the feels. Oh, my heart.

(This fic does incorporate a small amount of Marvel comics canon -- Flash Thompson, a comics-only character, and his rivalry with Peter Parker -- and those bits make more sense if you're familiar with the comics versions of the characters, but it's a relatively minor aspect of the story. Normally mixing comics with MCU canon is a hard DNW for me, but in this case, it's so adorable and connects to the overall theme of the story so well that I'm delighted to have it.)

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