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State of the h/c bingo card

Image under cut. Five squares done! Too bad they're not actually in anything approaching a line.


Although I actually do have two in a line in two three different directions. And, very unusually for me, ALL the squares on this year's card are appealing. They'd be very different kinds of fics, but I don't really have a preference between those two lines.

(Though I'm also eyeballing the line that includes "cuddling" and "family".)

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Five squares is still awesome, thought yeah, I think it's a universal law or something that the squares tend to be all over the place before they actually start working towards a bingo, LOL :D

Yay for cuddling and family :P ♥
Yeah, pretty much. XD On the other hand, I really like all the lines I'm working on, so I just need to PICK ONE ALREADY!
That's a fun looking card! (I count four directions you have 2 in a row...)

I'd love to see a Tiren or Anler story for stranded/survival (supposing you were taking requests outside the usual fandoms...) - but that's not in any of those rows. :P

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Ohhhh ...! You know, I really wouldn't mind writing those characters again, and it WOULD fit perfectly. Hmmmmm ....!

(And you're right about the four rows! I was completely missing one.)
Five squares is wonderful, even if not in a line!! And yeah, I know, sometimes lines don't happen straight away, that is often the nature of the bingo beast! :D