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It really delighted me to come back from running errands to find that this post, which I reblogged on Tumblr to talk about my teenage celebrity-picture scrapbooks (vintage Tumblr, basically), had spawned a bunch of reblogs of people talking about doing the exact same thing. It's always nice to know you're not the only one.

Packing, packing .... I am about 95% sure that I'm not going to take my laptop to England with me. The fic I just posted, Chasing Lightning, was mostly written on my phone while I was traveling earlier in July. It was an experiment -- I bought a cheap Bluetooth keyboard (because I can't type on my phone keyboard to save my life; even my texts are picked out one key at a time) to see if I actually could use the phone as a functional laptop substitute for writing. The experiment was mostly successful. The keyboard is a little frustrating because it often fails to pick up all my keystrokes and, even more annoyingly, it'll sometimes fail to notice that a key has been released (so I have to be careful not to end up with two pages of "ddddddddd" -- or, worse, get the delete key locked down; I got in the habit of deleting blocks of text by shift-clicking to select, rather than holding the delete key, because it was so easy to try to delete a sentence and end up deleting two paragraphs instead). I also discovered by tragic accident that it is VERY easy to unrecoverably delete a file with a single tap in the Google Docs android app. Fortunately I was being incredibly paranoid, writing my fic in smaller files of about a thousand words each, AND c&p'ing that into a backup file in a different plain-text app. And my phone-written fic requires a lot more editing than my usual fic; normally I write very clean drafts, do a lot of on-the-fly editing, and don't do much more than a SPaG and continuity edit before posting. However, the combination of rampant keyboard-related typos + only being able to see one paragraph at a time on the phone screen produced a rough draft that needed a lot more cleanup than normal.

But it did work! I don't really like traveling with my laptop because it's not only large and expensive, but the consequences of losing it would be too personally devastating; even though I back up regularly, my whole life is on there. Plus, it's really amazing how much space it frees up in a carry-on if there's not a 15" Macbook stuffed in it.

In theory, I should be able to use the phone + keyboard to do everything I can normally do online (post to DW/LJ/Tumblr/etc, answer comments, and so forth). In actual practice, there may be a lot of frustrated screaming as I try. XD

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Enjoy your trip.
I understand the problem on traveling with laptop. I enjoy my iPad with keyboard; and the print is larger. :)

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I also discovered by tragic accident that it is VERY easy to unrecoverably delete a file with a single tap in the Google Docs android app.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa oh no!! And also, WAIT WHERE. I write in the Android GDocs app literally all the time (tablet on bus while commuting) -- am I in danger of deleting an entire novel???
I think you're probably safe -- it only does it when you're offline and the files are newly created and only stored locally (a set of circumstances I happened to encounter when I was in the boonies for five days in July). Basically, if you pause the Gdocs app's attempts to upload while you're offline, a large delete "X" appears on the file, and the line between tapping to open the file, and tapping to delete it, is EXTREMELY narrow. I didn't like leaving all my files hanging on the "waiting to upload" screen for days, so I'd paused it, thus accidentally making them deletable. As long as you don't do THAT, you'll be fine!
Also, out of curiosity, what do you type with? Are you able to compose on your tablet keyboard, or do you have a separate keyboard? Because, if I'm going to do this a lot, I might invest in a tablet and a better keyboard; the one I'm using right now is super glitchy.
Oh, phew, thank you. Thanks for the warning -- I will make sure not to do that. I'm so sorry you lost something; that is the WORST (it's why I use GDocs in the first place, actually, because I've lost too many things by Word going screwy).

And yes, I use an actual physical keyboard! Touchscreen keyboards HAHAHAHAHA no. I can't even use a phone touchscreen effectively enough for normal phone activities -- I've kept buying the Motorola Droid series specifically because I can't not have a physical keyboard, to the unending pain of my closest techie friend. :) I actually had a Google Nexus tablet for a while and kind of never used it because I'm so bad at touchscreens -- I ended up giving it to my sister. Then a while later, as a gift, she bought me this tablet, which has a keyboard built into the case! And it's AMAZING and I use this tablet FREAKIN ALL THE TIME because of the gosh-darn keyboard. :D It's actually not bad at all to type on; it's not full size but I can get up a pretty good speed on it touch-typing like usual -- though I do end up with more typos to correct!
It is a difficult dilemma, but a good one to have! Looking forward to seeing you! :D
Like you, I don't like traveling with my personal laptop - it's expensive and precious. And adds lots of weight in the carry-on. But at the same time, especially when traveling for work, I've found that a tablet was really not that comfortable to work on, because apps are not very handy, storage is limited, I don't have a keyboard, etc...
So I've recently bought a cheap and ultra light laptop with Windows, and I find it much more convenient. It's cheap and light so I don't mind transporting it. It's not the laptop with all the precious things that are on my other laptop. It still has enough storage so that I can store all the files I need (it's especially important for work for me) and it has the full Windows comfort.
Of course, it was relatively cheap for a computer ($300) so it is a bit glitchy, but overall I'm satisfied.
Wishing you good travels...and very interested in all this convo about "alternate devices" for writing while travelling.
Have fun travelling! England! *is envious*
Also, a belated Happy Birthday! Sorry, I forgot. We spent last week in Vienna ;-)