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Prompt call on Tumblr

I'm open for fanfic prompts at my Sholiofic tumblr, in Agent Carter and White Collar. Here's the post describing what characters/pairings/etc I'm looking for, though it basically just amounts to "what I normally write."

I'm trying to keep them consolidated on Tumblr right now, mainly because I'm going to be traveling for most of August, and I think I can write fic on my phone and answer directly from the ask page. You can leave them anonymously if you don't have a Tumblr account. Askbox link.

Running masterlist - Agent Carter:

Daniel, Jack, and Samberly have to walk out of the desert in 2x09
Robot!Jack AU: "Do you even want to be a cop?" (Also on AO3)
Missing scene after Daniel is exposed to Midnight Oil in 1x08
Peggy is conflicted about Daniel moving to California
Another snippet of the Highlander fusion
Medieval AU, part 1 (not for a prompt, just for fun) [not included in AO3 collection]
Harry Potter AU (really more like the notes for an AU than an actual fic)
5 times Peggy lost someone, and 1 time she got someone back
Dottie Underwood, wedding crasher
Howard builds Daniel a flamethrowing crutch
Daniel accidentally hurts Jack while under the influence of Midnight Oil
Dottie has a well-deserved spa day after season two
Ana gets a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy
Feverish and ill Daniel gets some h/c
A happy ending for Violet
Amanda Carter says goodbye to Peggy
Daniel building a crib for his firstborn
Peggy/Daniel/Jack OT3 negotiating family holidays (Also on DW)
Next installment of the "Michael meets Peggy's friends" fic that I began in the last prompt call
A little more of the Los Angeles Job AU (Part two) [not included in AO3 fic collection]
Daniel overworking himself doing something nice for Peggy
Jack and Daniel with de-aged 5-year-old Peggy
Rescuing Daniel from Leviathan (Also on AO3)
YA paranormal AU: original post with annotations (another reblog in case that one disappears) - follow-up with Peggy and Jack rescuing Daniel [not in AO3 collection]
#givejackahug2k17 - Jack and Ana Jarvis
Daniel injures his crutch arm
Avatar: The Last Airbender fusion (basically crack)
Cheerfully drunk at New Year's

Running masterlist - White Collar:

AU in which Peter and Neal are SSR agents in the 1940s
"Another fine mess you've gotten us into."
Diana saving the day
Neal loses his voice, but Peter understands him just fine (Also on AO3)
Riding the Rails AU - Peter meets Elizabeth (Also on AO3)

Running masterlist - Other:

Ant-Man - Scott Lang takes his daughter trick-or-treating (Also on DW)

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I sent you a list and ran out of space. :)
Thanks for taking WC prompts!