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Agent Carter commentfics: updated!

Last night I FINALLY finished writing all the Agent Carter prompts people gave me on this post back in May!

Well, technically I didn't write all of the prompts I got on Tumblr, but a) I got a bunch of late tumblr prompts -- basically every time I'd post a new commentfic, people would send me more -- and b) I don't think it's unfair of me to not write a prompt that just doesn't do anything for me personally. I did write all of the LJ/DW ones, though, and all but about 4 or 5 of the Tumblr ones.

These have all been added to the Agent Carter shortfic compilation on AO3. (Except for a couple of the longer ones, which were posted earlier as standalone stories on AO3 -- anything in the list below that has an "also on AO3" link was long enough to be an independent story and is not included in the shortfic collection.)

The masterlist

Peggy with young Tony and a Jarvis or two
Peggy&Howard&Jarvis in an awkward situation (also on Tumblr)
Michael Carter was turned into a werewolf (also on Tumblr)
Ana Jarvis takes fighting lessons from Peggy (also on LJ: comment part 1 / comment part 2)
Angie shows up at the L.A manor and meets all of Peggy's weirdo friends there (also on AO3)
Daniel finds that watching Peggy get hurt never gets easier
Follow-up to Pistol Packin' Mama with the OT3 (also on AO3)
Jack helping Peggy and Daniel with house hunting (accidentally posted to my non-fanfic blog; reblogged to sholiofic here)
Howard missing Steve (also on Tumblr)
Angie and Peggy's girl's night out (also on Tumblr)
Michael Carter meets Peggy's friends and new boyfriend
Halloween in the Carter-Sousa household
Jarvis and Daniel h/c (also on tumblr)
Suburbanite Peggy doing background checks on the neighbors
Jack, Peggy and Daniel go fishing
Peggy brings a knife to a gun fight
OT3 - Peggy and Jack take care of Daniel (also on tumblr)

Not for a specific prompt but included here for completeness:
Sad ficlet about the 1940s characters' deaths (not included in the SSR Files compilation on AO3 because I didn't want to hit people with sudden deathfic)
Paranormal high school AU snippets (also not in the AO3 compilation since it's a collaborative Tumblr thing)
Peggy, Jarvis, and avocados
Peggy and Daniel's first date with dead bodies (Jack POV)

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Yikes, how did I miss the one where Michael meets Peggy's newfound family? It somehow slipped by me. And it just begs for more in the same universe. What happened neeeext! I know these aren't meant to be long, but there's so much potential in that one! :) Someone needs to write a good long Michael-isn't-dead fic for us. XD
I had a couple other people on Tumblr ask for a continuation of that one too! The main reason why it's not very likely is because then I'd have to figure out WHY Michael would shoot Jack (and then be palling around with Peggy like he didn't just try to kill a guy in the same city) and I have absolutely no inspiration. XD