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A healthy dose of skepticism over breakfast

Interesting-looking link I ran across on Tumblr:

and then

2. Tomatoes For Prostate Cancer Prevention
The ancient Greeks believed that eating a tomato a day would lessen the chances of men developing prostate cancer.

Since tomatoes come from the Americas, I ... no. Unless 1700 is "ancient Greece" now. Somehow this makes me a smidge skeptical about the whole list.

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I looked it up (because I was curious) and apparently tomatoes weren't even introduced to Greece until the 1800s, and didn't become common until around 1900 or so! This is clearly a whole new definition of Ancient Greek Remedies, all right. XD

Also, unless this is also an urban legend, it was quite some time before people outside the Americas even believed tomatoes were edible.
And in the Americas as well: my grandmother to her dying day in 1985 at 84 years old believed tomatoes were poisonous and couldn't be convinced otherwise! I always have assumed this was because it's a member of the nightshade family and the leaves/stems *are* poisonous.
Healthy skepticism is the minimum requirement when looking at any 'facts' on Tumblr... XD
Hey, if tobacco can get to the Shire, clearly tomatoes can get to Ancient Greece...

You know, considering the actual Ancient Greeks were prone to understanding medicine through the Four Humors and different "types" of pulses, I'm not sure I would eat tomatoes on their advice even if they did have them!

OTOH, I once saw - and have bookmarked somewhere - a hysterical site on Biblical recipes which included potatoes, tomatoes AND, umm, red velvet cake.....
Did you learn the tomato thing from SGA? Because I'm pretty sure that's where I first heard it! XD