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Fandom things

MCU AU Fest is open! And the fic that was written for me is wonderful. <3

Traveling Companions (3500 wds, gen or pre-ship, Peggy & Jack & Daniel, modern-day/mundane AU)

Absolutely delightful modern-day AU in which Peggy is a pseudonymous mystery writer who gets into an argument about one of her books with a stranger (Jack) on a train. This is exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for when I left modern-day/mundane AU prompts: the characters are distinctly themselves, but filtered through a different set of experiences, and all kinds of new possibilities are opened up. I love Peggy's relationships in this fic with both Daniel and Jack, similar to canon, and yet different. I think I'm going to be rereading this one a lot.

In other news, [community profile] starwarsflashmeme is still going on (we are now in week 19!) and this week's challenge is Documents and Letters. Come on, you know the Empire's incident reports must have been amazing. (What's the form for "Jedi Master killed, body appears to have vanished"? Whatever it is, it probably has to be filed in triplicate on 12 different planets ...)

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Oh yes, the Empire's incident reports would be fun!! Do the rebels have to file reports too, I wonder? What would Han's say?!! :D I might have to go lurk over there and find out!!

The AC fic sounds intriguing! But I'm still behind on the ones you wrote recently, so maybe later. *makes a note of it*
I have to read ALL the things! I'm still not done with SSR Confidential ones, too, gotta go through all the ones you recced last time! Mmmm, yummy fic ! :D