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The new round of H/C bingo is open

You can get a card here if you want one! I always look forward to this. Last year I was sort of between fandoms and didn't get a card for the first time since it's been going on, and I really missed it. (Of course, the year before THAT I managed to black out my card. I doubt if I'll manage it this year, but you never know.)

scars restrained cuddling family body / mindswap
trapped together apocalypse drowning alien abduction begging
protection food poisoning WILD CARD (explosions) disappearing sensory deprivation
electrocution forced body modification skeletons in the closet wings abuse
hostages confession in desperate situation stranded / survival scenario wasteland loss of voice

I like my card! :D

There aren't too many prompts on it that are making me want to rush out and write them RIGHT NOW, but for possibly the first year ever, I don't seem to have gotten any that are making me go "oh nooooo." This year I decided to blanket-exclude all sexual prompts, which helped a lot; those are frequently the ones I have the most trouble with.

The only problem is that several of these I've written relatively recently, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to write them again. And I think most of them will work with my current fandom(s) too!

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I would PAY for the "drowning" and "electrocution" h/c in a certain fandom. XD

Funny thing is, I think you DID write a lot of these very recently! Even the body-swap one you've done not that long ago.
"in a certain fandom" Yes, I have no idea what fandom that might be ...

And YES I KNOW. I've already written like half of these recently! At least it's not going to be hard to come up with something for Summer Nights ... basically I just need to pick one.
haha. You know, it's really fascinating to me how hard I've fallen back into AC fandom this spring. I think I've fallen harder after season two than I did after season one! I wrote quite a bit of fic last spring, but I don't think I had the feeling that this was going to be ~the big fandom~ for awhile. Right now, though, it really feels that way to me. I just don't really want to do anything else.
I don't want to do anything else...even though I really should (*side eyes dcbb*). It's been amazing!

A friend of mine is supposed to watch the show in July once her grad class is over...I can't wait to re-watch it with her.
These look like some promising prompts looking fwd to some H/c Agent Carter stories. Hopefully some WC stories as well.
Looks intriguing! I hope there might be the odd WC fic in there, though I do seem to be reading and enjoying your gen AC fic too (which reminds me, I'm way behind on them and must try to catch up soon)!! Either way, have fun!
Thank you! :) I'm hoping to branch out and be at least somewhat multifannish with this ...
Ooh, a lot of those are my very favorites. Like, almost the entire bottom row. (In fact, I have written the entire bottom row in a single story if you count Prisoner/Partner as one story.)

I hope you also write some of them as pro fic. You know. Just because we don't seem to share many fandoms.
hahahaaaa, yes, you have, haven't you? In fact I think you've written AT LEAST half of these, if not more.

I keep thinking about getting an h/c bingo card just for original stuff. It used to matter more when I was trying harder to keep my origfic and fanfic separate, though. (I seem to have basically given up on that.) But yeah, I'll see how the inspiration goes. I can always use more ideas.*

*This is a lie. I have too many already. And yet I never say no to more.
Then there's the possibility of trying to fill all of the prompts in a single story...


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About 2/3rds, I think. I haven't done wings or alien abduction or mindswap.

Stranger alone has scars, cuddling, apocalypse, wasteland, family, survival, protection, skeletons in the closet, and desperate situation confession. It also sooort of has forced body modification though it's not done deliberately.

ETA: And drowning. Forgot Yuki's near-drowning experience.

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