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Orlando shooting info/fundraisers

The most useful post I've seen so far with info on the Orlando shooting and places to donate/ways to help.

Also, I’ve seen a few scam warnings floating around on here and twitter about fundraisers that are not actually scams -- it’s the warnings themselves that are fraudulent. Always be sensible and check out the credentials before donating to any fundraiser. For organized fundraisers like these ones, it’s best to:
  • Make sure the Gofundme page states which organization put it together and contains a link to the organization’s website.
  • Click through to the website and make sure it looks like a legit organization and links back to the Gofundme.

Be smart! But both of the big fundraisers I’ve seen circulating (one set up by The Center Orlando, the other by Equality Florida) are legit to the best of my knowledge.

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Thank you for the links. This is so tragic, so terrible, I don't have the words :(
Dreamspinner Press is donating 20% of all sales for the next week to GLBT organizations in central Florida. Artist Paul Richmond has designed a T-shirt to honor the victims--100% of sales go to help as well.

Dreamspinner is also holding an open submission for two anthologies in which proceeds will go to help too.

I'm going to post about it later on LJ, but I'm so proud to be part of the DSP team right now.