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Agent carter meta I've been posting over on Tumblr

So I didn't really plan it this way, but most of the meta I've been posting lately has been in the form of replies to other people's reblogs on Tumblr. Here's a rundown of my recent additions:

Whether Daniel was an officer or an enlisted man.
A fairly extensive exchange about Whitney Frost's relationships with Manfredi and Chadwick, segueing into talking about Whitney vs. Dottie.
Thoughts on Jack in the "dinner orders" scene in 2x10.
Handicapped modifications for amputee WWII-veteran drivers. This one is SO COOL - I had no idea that modifying vehicles for disabled drivers was a thing that early. (I mean, individuals figuring out how to do it, yes, but not customized kits/mods from the dealers.)
Rambling about Jack's motivations in sending Peggy to L.A., Jack making friends with Daniel, etc.

Feel free to strike up a conversation on any of these in the comments!

One thing in particular that I was thinking about last night is that the fandom seems to have latched onto the idea of Daniel having been an officer in the Army, but he really doesn't read that way to me. Admittedly my experience with the military is adjacent rather than from the inside (various relatives in the Army, no personal experience myself) but between that and reading, my impression is that the social climate for officers vs. enlisted is very different, and Daniel really does not read to me as having been on the officer side of that divide. Jack, on the other hand, almost had to have been a case of a college kid being dropped straight into a lieutenant's commission with no field experience. Daniel, though ... I don't see it. It's possible he could've worked his way up to sergeant and gotten a field commission to lieutenant; I don't really headcanon it that way, but it's definitely not impossible. And there's no canon either way, so clearly anybody else's headcanon on this one is as good as mine. But, idk, it's not how I see him.

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With you on Daniel's rank. And pretty much all the meta, really. :)

In S1, he reads more like a working man who's worked his way up to be where he is vs Jack who was pretty much plopped into his position by his connections. I like that head-canon in any case because it supports my theory about their upbringings (as we've talked about before).