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SSR Confidential recs

The SSR Confidential archive is open, and it's a fanwork MOTHERLODE. Everything I've sampled has been wonderful. I have only read/viewed about half of it so far, but here are some recs! Other SSR Confidential recs posts I've come across are here and here.

I need to caveat that, of the following, I beta'd one and did a SPAG beta on another. Obviously I cannot admit which ones they are until after reveals. But they are thoroughly deserving of reccing anyway!

First, my gift:

Rose in the Spring (Rose, gen, 4500 wds)
Rose Roberts, between seasons 1 and 2.

I know that I gave my writer a hard assignment, because we only matched on one character (Rose), but they came through BRILLIANTLY, with this glorious Rose POV, rich with period detail, that gives her life color and depth.

And now, 7 more recs, in no particular order:

Bad Romance (Peggy/Dottie, vid)
INSPIRED song choice, and wonderful editing; this vid is glorious and worth ALL the rewatches.

Great Stores, Great Choices (Jack & Daniel, gen, 16K words)
Jack visits Daniel on the West Coast to check out the set-up of the new SSR office. But it's about to be a resoundingly bad day for both of them.

Excellent casefic that is also a glorious Jack character study. The author absolutely nails his particular blend of deviousness, self-loathing, and basic decency. Plus, excellent Jack & Daniel h/c!

Duet (Jack & Peggy, gen, 23K words)
After Jack's MI5 friend is shot, he and Peggy visit London to attend the funeral and find themselves swept up in espionage and intrigue.

Fantastic casefic that picks up where season two left off, with Jack and Peggy in London to investigate the missing file. The Peggy and Jack voices are both excellent, as is the continuation of their post-S2 relationship, with some gloriously understated emotional h/c and great character insights into Jack.

One of the Lucky Ones (Daniel + Peggy, with a little Jack & Dooley, gen, 4700 wds)
The anniversaries we want to forget will always sneak up on us. Sousa, for instance, wants nothing more than to move on from the blast that took his leg. Carter is more tight-lipped about the things she's lost. Neither of them is willing to stay back-benched.

And now moving on to some Daniel trauma ... a compelling and insightful look at Daniel pre-S1, and his earliest meetings with Peggy, Jack, and Dooley.

A Voice For America (Peggy/Angie, AU, 1400 wds)
When Angie takes a job as a voice actor on US Army propaganda films, she has no idea who she'll end up working with. Or, the troubling problem of Captain America's English accent.

Fun and sweet fic with a marvelous Angie voice and a delightfully sexy and unique plot.

Take Good Care of Yourself (mostly gen with a little Peggy/Daniel, 1700 wds)
Post Season 2 finale, three people who visited Jack Thompson in the hospital and one who never made it.

Lovely, sweet hospital-fic, plus A+ use of Dottie.

Sometimes When We Touch (Peggy/Daniel/Jack, post-S2, 13K words)
Strange as it was to admit it, he liked being around Sousa. Carter, too. He couldn’t really pinpoint when it was that their bickering got less pointed and more good-natured or why, but it was nice, even if they were the only people in the SSR who would dare to talk back to him with enough insubordination that any boot camp drill instructor would have kicked their asses to Japan and back if they had been in the Marines.

Sweet, fun, and tense casefic/getting-together fic, with marvelous h/c, worry, and banter.

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I reblogged on tumblr, but I really hope everyone reads these too because honestly wee!Peggy is basically a national treasure. (or is that international?)

Four Times Peggy Tried to Run Away (and the one time it finally worked) (Gen, Peggy & Michael)

A Dollar Fifty and a Pair of Bolt Cutters (Gen, Peggy & Jack)

Honestly I could rec the whole archive. It's really hard to pick anything out among all the amazing fic/art/vids.

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Thank you for the additions! :D

And yes ... it's all SO GOOD.

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No worries - enjoy! :) This one was successful enough that I'm sure I'll be doing it again.