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I was going to sign up for [community profile] mm_rares (signups open here) but then I realized you have to both request and offer a minimum of four different fandoms, and I just don't have that many I'm interested in writing. For some reason I'd thought it was four different pairings, which I could've managed between AC and the MCU, but no. Ah well, maybe I'll pick up a pinch hit if any catch my eye.

I'm presently re-reading Robert Asprin's Myth books. I came across a couple of them while cleaning out my bookshelves, and I don't think I've read them since I was a teenager. They're turning out to be surprisingly not-terrible, considering that the last time I tried to read one of his more recent books (one of the Phule ones) I noped out just a few chapters in. I'm not sure if I'd recommend them exactly, and they're definitely products of their time, but they're fun. Also, it is really amazing how growing up can change your perspective on character dynamics.

12-year-old me: Man, Aahz is a jerk. Though he can be cool sometimes.
Adult me: Wow, Aahz has the patience of a saint.

Seriously, I remember him being basically a jerk, but at worst he's abrasive, somewhat mercenary, and ruthless when cornered; I was completely unprepared for how patient, protective, and generally decent he is. Though maybe he gets worse later on; I seem to recall the characters getting slightly flanderized as the series proceeded ... moreso than they already were, as most of them are basically parodies of various stock fantasy types to begin with.

It's also making me think about how popular SFF comedy was in the late 70s/80s, and how few books along those lines there seem to be now -- just off the top of my head, there were Asprin's books, the Xanth ones, Spellsinger, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the early Discworld books, at least three different series I can think of in which an ordinary Earth schmoe answered an ad to be a wizard/king/etc or otherwise got tapped for a similar fantasy-kingdom gig while woefully unprepared ...

And it's just not really a thing anymore, I don't think. At least it's not a bestselling thing. It made me wonder if the same ecological book-niche as comic fantasy held in the '80s (light, bestselling, brain-candy spec-fic) is currently occupied by urban fantasy instead.

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I loved those books as a teenager. I guess as I clean out Grandma's house I'll find them again (I had my stuff stored there). I remembering liking Aahz and yeah I remember the series losing its pizzaz

You have a point about the comic SF back then. I rather miss it (and I imagine it's hard to write. Then again as I grew up I liked the comic less. Hmm).
LOOOOL, the Myth books! I so adore the Myth books :D The dragon chasing the unicorn around the house and Aaahz waking up with a terrible hangover... "The only thing worse than a daemon from Perv is a Daemon from Perv with a hangover" :D (Loosely quoting here as I only ever read the Czech translation).

But really, they're so much fun (though I agree the newer ones have slipped a bit in quality). Basically they're one of my "go-to" books when I just want a smile on my face after a long day. Aahz, Skeeve, Massha, Tananda, general Badaxe, the Mafia...

Definitely some of my favorite literature :)
It's so much fun! :D I wasn't expecting it to hold up this well. I figured I'd read a couple of books and then give up and abandon it to the past. Instead I'm something like six books into the series and really having fun. :D
Aww, I loved those books (and the first two Phule books) back in the day! Aahz was so classically my type of character, could be an asshole but the best friend you could have in your corner. I remember there's one book he sucker-punches Skeeve to keep him from going off to get killed (and goes off to get killed instead)...can't remember the actual plot, but the emotions are clear from rereading the scene about a million times :)

I think you're right that urban fantasy has replaced the comic fantasy as the lightweight fun of the genre. Some of the earlier urban fantasy is pretty comic in tone, or at least has comic elements (I remember one book that must have been from the 90s or earlier, that was about werewolves and witches in an AU modern times with magic, which was pretty fluffy and cute and was similar to some urban fantasy in tone, though before the genre really existed?)
I'm really surprised how well it holds up after all these years! There are certain scenes and certain characters that make me go "... um," but in general it's a whole lot better than I thought it was going to be.

And I definitely think there's a comedic/zany element to most urban fantasy. It's usually not comedy per se (though some of it skirts the edge) but most of the bestselling stuff is also funny. (As are most blockbuster movies, come to think of it.)