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All the fandom things lately

There is a post over at CollarCorner on the next few months' themes and activities, including the possibility of a small, low-pressure, gen White Collar fanworks exchange.

Also, the Vacation prompt at [community profile] starwarsflashmeme is extended for another week ('til Saturday) since SOMEONE (me) forgot to post a new prompt this weekend.

I seem to be mostly talking about fan stuff on Tumblr these days, which isn't something I MEANT to happen, but then interesting pieces of meta come along and I reblog them with notes and, well, yeah. My recent tumblr-reblog meta:

- A gifset and meta on how everyone's reactions to the "suicide mission" in 2x10 are little capsule versions of their personalities
- Daniel's moderating influence on Peggy, and Jack as a cynical balance to their shared idealism

I also stumbled across a tumblr-organized Agent Carter ficathon (not an exchange) with the theme Summer Nights. OF COURSE I signed up, because apparently I now have a Pavlovian reaction to anything with "Agent Carter" and some variation on exchange/ficathon/challenge in the name. >__> Luckily it's only 1000 words and it's not for someone else or anonymous (at least I don't think so), so I can write whatever I want. And just recently I had been wondering if anyone used the word "ficathon" anymore. It's actually very old-school, even though it's on Tumblr! There is a fairly distinctive current style to most fanworks events (run through AO3 exchange-style, anonymous period, fic & art both allowed, etc); either that, or everything is bingo cards. And although I enjoy both of those, it's nice to run across one that's set up differently.

I'd been thinking lately that Agent Carter fandom feels very scattered, compared to LJ-based fandoms; it's harder to find out about the events that are going on, or find all the places where people hang out. But actually, thinking about it and reflecting on past fandoms of mine, I don't think that's true. I think it FELT less scattered when fandom was mostly on LJ if you could manage to get hooked into the "where things were happening" places and get to know people who tended to post about events going on around the fandom. But not everyone was able to do that, and not all fandoms had that, and even so, they tended to localize into little pockets of activity centered around a particular ship or shared interest. Like, when I first got into SGA fandom on LJ, it was the gen everyone-who-met-on-ff.net crowd that I was hanging around with, and while I had a vague idea that things were happening elsewhere in the fandom, I really had no clue about either the het or slash parts of the fandom; aside from a few nexuses like sga_flashfic or the Big Bangs, which involved people from all corners of the fandom, there just wasn't THAT much overlap. Or A:tLA fandom, where the corner of the fandom that I got to know was a small and fairly well-connected one on DW, but I had the vague sense that there was a LOT going on elsewhere, it just wasn't here.

The existence of comms and newsletters did help centralize things, or at least made it easier not to miss events until after they happened. Newsletters don't seem to have made the jump to tumblr and I kinda hope someone will reinvent them someday, though I am certainly not going to be the sucker who has to comb through all the tags to find things. Or maybe they won't; maybe tumblr tags and the fact that most fanfic ends up on AO3 means that newsletters aren't necessary as they once were, just like people don't tend to have dedicated rec sites or directory sites anymore.

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I don't entirely get Tumblr. I don't have an account there. I feel so old!

You're right about newsletters. I still get some—and I can't bring myself to unfollow them, even though I hardly ever read the fic in them any more. I'm reading very little fanfic these days, and basically all of it by people whose views largely accord with my own. On the one hand, that's pretty narrow of me. On the other hand, I've gone back to reading more non-fanfic: novels, short stories, actual print books, not counting the ones I read as an academic. Partly, I feel like I don't have time to keep up with fandom the way I once did. Partly, it doesn't excite me the way it once did. That may change again.

I think some of the blame belongs to Sherlock: I got very into that fandom, reading a lot and a wide range of different kinds of fic, and then the show let me down more completely than any show ever before. The end of series 3 left me questioning whether I should ever have liked any of the characters; the special "The Abominable Bride" made me question whether I should ever watch any more Sherlock. I read a few fixits, but they didn't fully fix things, and I just can't read the fic.

I guess I had a really terrible breakup with a fandom and am now afraid to commit to any other fandoms. I'm still reading a little in a few fandoms, but not much.
HA! I can't even see the 'Sherlock' advertised without twitching that's how bad the show let me down in the later seasons ^_^;
Ooh neat, more AC fic is always good!

I'm deeply confused by what the exchange is about though:

"It’s up to you as long as it features Summer Nights in some aspect. "

What is this? Is Summer Nights another fandom that this is a fusion with? *confused*
No, I think it's just "summer nights", as in, night + summer! At least that's my understanding. You could send them an ask to make sure.