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Movie rec: Spy

YOU GUYS. If you like spy/heist stuff and women being awesome (and who doesn't), I highly recommend Spy!

It's an action-comedy about a CIA support-staff office person going out on her first field assignment. As well as being funny (and sweet and charming), it's also a good action movie, with spy gadgets and exotic locales and cool cars and characters dangling out of helicopters .... all the basic spy tropes. Basically imagine Agent Carter except with Rose instead of Peggy in the lead role. And it's also ... whatever the polar opposite of grimdark is, this movie is that, although without being saccharine or cloying. The characters may be quirky and often violent weirdos, but they're all decent people (well, okay, with certain exceptions, but even the ones who aren't are charming in their own way). And although the guys are also great, the majority of the movie is women -- the main character, her best friend, her boss, and her main nemesis are all female. She gets no respect from either her fellow spies or the bad guys because she's overweight and middle-aged and female, but of course she shows them, because it's that kind of a movie.

This movie made me so happy. I just want to turn around and watch it again from the beginning. I'm definitely buying it, and I don't remember the last time I watched a movie that made me feel like running out and buying it immediately (well, at least not a movie that isn't from one of the franchises that I'm addicted to).

Content notices, for those who might be bothered by the following: there is a certain amount of grossout and sexual humor, and some considerably-more-graphic-than-I-was-expecting-for-a-comedy violence (it's R-rated), and also a character whose schtick is mainly sexual harassment played for laughs. On the other hand, for a comedy about a fish-out-of-water character, there were surprisingly few embarrassment-squicky scenes -- the movie isn't completely lacking in that kind of thing, but I was expecting a lot more than it had.

Basically I loved this movie and just want to turn around and watch it again immediately. I am also craving a Spy 2 and I hope they make one someday; I would love to see these dorks save the world again.

If you've seen it, come talk to me about it! :D

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It's so much fun, just a total delight! I really hope there's a sequel someday; I would absolutely love to see her play that character again.
YES. :D I was just letting the credits run in the background and waiting to see if there would be anything after them (something I do with most movies now, just in case) and then kind of tuned into them in the middle and went "wait ... what ... there's more movie here!" and had to run them back and watch again from the beginning.
Agggh, I had the thing that I absolutely freaking adored 80% of Spy - the scene where her boss is watching her training (or try-out? something like that) vid where she goes totally ballistic is just incredible - and then the other 20% was the gross-out comedy and really graphic violence that turned me off - if I'm watching horror or action I'm braced, but I wasn't ready for it here and just couldn't understand what it was doing in this otherwise great comedy. (It seems to be a thing with this actor/director team because I had a similar issue with Heat...)

That being said, so much of it really is so much fun, and I should watch it again knowing when to cover my eyes!
Yeah, I was basically okay with the violence but really could've done without some of the grossout parts. Like you said though, at least now I know when to look away ...!

It was such a feel-good movie in all other ways, though!
Being a Person of Size, one of the (many) things I LOVED about Spy is that every place they COULD have made a fat joke about Melissa McCarthy...they took the high road and said something totally different. One of the most fat-positive movies I can ever recall seeing.

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I know! I absolutely loved that too. The movie could so easily have made the jokes at her expense (like just about every other movie out there with an overweight protagonist), but it didn't; it turned the humor around on the people who judged her instead. So great!
This movie is boss. Loved it.

I came out of the movie shipping Raina/Susan, hard.
I had the same thought about Spy and Rose! I really enjoyed that movie—more than I expected (despite the surprisingly high level of carnage, as you note).

I'm hoping for a sequel too.

I hated the final scene, though, where she wakes up in bed with what's-his-name.

I really didn't know Jude Law could be that funny, but then, I've missed his Sherlock Holmes movies with RDJ (no interest).

My favorite bit was on the crashing plane, when she convinces the bad guy that yes, she's really working undercover—for her father. It wasn't that the villain was dumb, but that the heroine was even smarter and faster.
I loved that bit on the plane! I loved in general that even though there's a lot of stuff she doesn't know (like how to behave in a fancy restaurant, or how to dress herself to blend in with rich people), she's also got all this weird esoteric knowledge, like how to fly a plane, that she's presumably learned so she can talk Jude Law's character through it, but she is able to apply herself in an emergency.

I actually thought the final scene was cute, because it's a spy movie so she SHOULD get to sleep with the movie's equivalent of a Bond Girl! But ymmv, obviously. (I was a little baffled, when I poked my toe into fanfic for the movie, to discover that people actually ship them. WHAT, NO. But he can be her dumb-but-hot-in-bed occasional funtimes hookup.)
I loved Spy!! It was totally a pleasant surprise, because I basically watched it because I was bored on the plane and like Melissa McCarthy, but I wasn't expecting anything. The way it had been advertised made me think I wouldn't care for it -- I dislike most movies that are billed as straight comedies; I much prefer the humor in action-comedies or parodies. Comedies almost always have too much squick for me in one way or another, or they bore me, and from the ads I thought this was going to be a lot more about laughing *at* MMcC than laughing *with* her. But I was totally wrong! And this was much more like an action comedy in a lot of ways! And I loved loved loved her friend -- the tall woman, crap, it's been too long and I forgot her name. Most mainstream (esp action) movies with a female MC cast men in all the other roles, and I was totally expecting that, and then they VERY MUCH DIDN'T, and wow, how about that! It was just so pleasant to watch, and after I finished it I felt like I wanted every other movie to meet that bar (and I think I watched it right after Ant-Man which was enjoyable but also failed in so many ways for me). I kinda didn't want to watch anything else on the plane after that because Spy left me feeling so pleasant and breath-of-fresh-air and why-can't-all-movies-be-this-way.

You know, I was just thinking about the way it was advertised, and it's striking the difference in impression I had between this movie and Kingsman -- because I just had so many issues with Kingsman even though it should have been the exact type of movie I like. And I think Spy WAS what I went into Kingsman wanting it to be and it wasn't; Spy was just everything I wanted out of that type of spy parody movie, whereas I went into Spy thinking would be, well, kinda dumb and boring and offensive, and it wasn't at all, it was delightful. Really delightful.
haha, and guess what the OTHER movie is that I currently have out from Netflix to watch. My expectations for Kingsman fortunately aren't terribly high, from all I've heard (most people seem to have been pretty "meh" on it for various reasons). But yeah, I was hoping Spy would be at least a little bit funny and not TOO offensive, and instead it was GREAT! And honestly, it's interesting to me how movies are pitched and marketed, because it really wasn't much more comedic than your average '80s action movie. If a few of the more OTT comedic scenes had been toned down a little, it basically would've fit in tone with something like the Lethal Weapon movies. But it was marketed as straight-up comedy, probably because in movie-exec-land nobody believed a serious spy movie headlined by a fat girl could have done well ...

That's a good point about female roles too. Really, almost all the major roles in this movie were filled by women (the best friend, the nemesis) and that's really a delightful change.

Crossing my fingers for a sequel!
Oops, sorry, I totally should have added a *vaguespoiler* warning before my Kingsman comment! I'd totally be interested to know if you have thoughts after watching it and comparing the two. :) My reaction was probably contributed to by having high expectations of it, so who knows, if your expectations match correctly you may really enjoy it...

Re: Spy, totally agree with everything you said here, and I'd love a sequel, too. *crosses fingers*
Oh, no worries on Kingsman! I'm pretty sure I've been spoiled for a lot of that movie at this point (not vaguespoilers but actual ones; I just haven't worked particularly hard at avoiding them), which on the one hand is useful because it's helping a lot with managing my expectations, but on the other hand, hasn't made me terribly eager to see it, which is why the Netflix DVD is still sitting here instead of being watched. I will report back when I do, if I have any particular thoughts on it! :D