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And Kismet updates are now uploaded and scheduled through the end of the month. Sun-Cutter has been giving me a chance to do more interesting backgrounds and exteriors than the first book, since let's face it, Kismet is an interesting place (for me anyway), but it's also an underground city on a world that is basically Mars with no atmosphere, which doesn't give me a lot of opportunity to do scenery. (Though I do hope to get out and explore Kismet's planet a bit more in future books. This book has a more galactic scope, though, and is a lot less focused on Kismet itself.)

I can't believe I've been doing this webcomic since 2002. Not continually, I admit, but I've done around 600 pages counting the side comics, and it's coming up on its 15th anniversary next year! (Which is also its 25th anniversary if you count from the time I started writing it in 1992.)

But right now I think I will write more Agent Carter promptfics. The ones I wrote last night have a masterlist here. I'm not currently taking more prompts 'til I finish writing the ones I have, but I really appreciate all the inspiring prompts; they're great! ♥

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I am so grateful to know so many creative cool people. Every day, one of you guys is posting about the awesome things you made or did; it makes me awesomer to be surrounded by all this creative energy.
Awwww, thank you! <3 It seems like there's been more activity on LJ/DW lately too -- more people who used to post here a lot coming back. And that's inspiring too!