On a happier note

Lauren's new book is out! And I had super fun with this one, guys. :D (The official announcement will go out on Lauren's mailing list in the morning.)


Here it is on Amazon!

This is the third book in a series, but it completely stands on its own ... actually better than the previous ones do. This is the one with the cruise ship shaped like a giant floating sphinx!

Two people with secrets on a cruise ship full of enemies ...

Jen Cho is a gecko shifter and infiltration expert for the Shifter Crimes Bureau. But this time she's in over her head—out of touch with her handler and head over heels for a sexy gambler who mistakenly thinks she's as much of a bad girl as he's a bad boy.

Ambrose "Lucky" Lucado has been playing in high-stakes games of chance since he was big enough to see over the table. But the sexy lizard shifter has a secret: he's not a lizard at all. He's a dragon, the rarest of all shifters, thought to be nothing more than a legend. And all dragons have special abilities that other shifters don't. Lucky can "push" his luck just a tiny bit, enough to ensure that he always wins at the gambling tables.

The problem is, the rest of Lucky's family have powers of their own. His much more powerful cousin Angel can twist people’s minds, making them do whatever he wants, from forgetting they’ve seen him to shooting themselves in the head. And now he’s set his sights on Jen.

Is "Lucky" Lucado lucky enough to protect both of them?

And if you'd like to read it and want me to send you a copy, just send me an email at laureneskerwriter at gmail and I will happily do so.

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Congrats, got a notification on my email. Look fwd to reading the book. :D
read the book
Having read the book I found myself thinking that my visits to your blog were not random. I have been reading your posts lately and I enjoyed reading. We can become friends if you do not mind. I believe we have much i common!
read the book
I am sorry, I was not logged in. So once again =) Having read the book I found myself thinking that my visits to your blog were not random. I have been reading your posts lately and I enjoyed reading. We can become friends if you do not mind. I believe we have much i common!
Re: read the book
Oh cool - I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I usually take a little while to add new people (I generally want to know someone a little bit first), but hang around and chat a bit, and I'm sure we'll get to know each other. :)
Just picked up a copy on Amazon. Looking forward to reading it; I don't recall reading any of Lauren's other books yet. :)
Thank you - I hope you like it! :) I can send you the other books in the series if you want to try them (though you don't have to read them first; this one stands on its own just fine, and might be a better jumping-on place than the much tropier and more romancy first book in the series).
YAY! Congrats!

I know I've already read it (DOUBLE YAY), but I went to the page to admire your release and see if I could give you a few KU pages by rereading my favorite parts :), and the Esker books are listed as unavailable on Amazon Japan. It doesn't say why. Anyway, just an FYI in case that's unintentional -- if it's part of a marketing choice then never mind! (Not that you're probably missing out on a huge market share from Amazon Japan...)

Congrats again on the release!! :)

ETA: I should note that there's a remote possibility there's something wonked on my end, as I have loads of trouble using Amazon Japan because even the English version of it is half in Japanese. Er. So there also may be some setting I have wrong. :)

Edited at 2016-05-16 02:29 pm (UTC)
... wtf nooo, I had no idea it wasn't on Amazon Japan! I don't set countries individually (although you can); I just check "worldwide" and it's supposed to show up everywhere.

It comes up for me; see if this link works for you?

But anyway, thank you! And thanks again for the really excellent beta help!! I ended up taking all of your suggestions, I think, and completely rewrote the early Marius stuff, and I think all of that is much better than it was. :D
Ack, I signed out of my Amazon Japan account, and poof, suddenly all the books read as available! And then I did a little research, and it looks like Amazon uses your *billing* address to determine what country's books you're allowed to read. So even though I have a Japanese shipping address that I've been using to order stuff from Amazon in Japan, my billing address being US means I can't order Kindle books from them! I had no idea; I've only used them for non-book purchases here so far and it was fine.

....but this means I can almost certainly get your books on my Amazon US account even though the Amazon US store won't let me order other physical things to here. What a pain!

Anyway, sorry to scare you, your real Japanese customers are probably fine. I never dreamed they'd do it that way!

And thanks for the kind words! Now I'll have to reread the whole thing to see what you did with Marius. ;)
Oh, that's very strange! I'm glad you got it figured out. (Regional book zoning is SO WEIRD.)