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• We bought a loveseat today! And it's great. I'm sitting on it right now. It was on sale and matched the two recliners we already own (well, close enough), so now we have comfy places for more than two people to sit. (Often a problem in a two-introvert household. You're good until guests show up, but then what?!) We haven't owned anything couchlike in a really long time, so this is very nice.

This Manhattan brownstone with an indoor swimming pool made me think of Neal.

• I made a Peggy-related post on Tumblr that contains Civil War spoilers and apparently I was the first person to do this particular thing, so consequently it already has over 700 notes, which is rather boggling considering that I think a post is doing really, really well if it gets around 100 notes during its lifetime.

• I cleaned all most some of the things today. My in-laws are coming tomorrow and I had a whole month to get the house in shape, but did I?? No, of course not. However, I have most of the stuff on my priority-cleaning list done (bathroom, kitchen, etc); I just need to clean off the table, which seems to have become a junk-mail-storage depot, and do a few other lower-priority things like giving the refrigerator a good scrubbing (should probably be done; but doesn't absolutely have to be done) and it'll be good. They're flying in tomorrow evening, so there's still ample time for last-minute cleaning.

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If she had only one sibling and he died in WWII, how come Sharon is her niece? I was already wondering about that before, but this confirms there was no younger sibling.
Kiralamouse suggested in a reblog that Sharon could be her (several times removed) cousin, which makes a lot of sense! It's also possible that Michael had a child before he died, who could have been Sharon's grandfather.

Before CA:CW, my main thought on Sharon was that she was probably the daughter or granddaughter of one of Peggy's friends, and Peggy is an honorary aunt. But she was referred to as Sharon Carter in the movie, so it'd really be stretching coincidence if it was a friend who just happened to have the last name Carter ...

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What I had heard a few years ago was that, in the comics, Sharon used to be Peggy's sister and she later became her niece because Peggy is linked to a fixed point in time (WWII). So I took "niece" quite literally. But it would make sense that she would be a great-niece or even a cousin in the MCU.
You're right about the comics! And it's completely reasonable to take it literally. I expect that's probably what the writers are thinking, honestly -- I doubt if we'll ever get a full explanation in canon.

She's so young, though, that it makes a lot more sense to me for her to be a grandniece or great-grandniece, and possibly the child of a cousin or a friend.

Now that I'm thinking about it, it's also interesting that we've never seen anything to do with what Peggy's kids are up to in the present day. I wonder if they just went off and had quiet, non-SHIELD lives somewhere.
LOL! Yes, Neal would soooo have a house like that!! Perfect!!! :D :D

But oh, all that cleaning! You have my sympathy, I don't enjoy cleaning things (though a lot of that maybe more the ME/CFS these days)!
YAY for the loveseat!! I can relate -- we've always had a couch in our den, but our den is kind of an extra-long/narrowish shape, and it's kind of weird to arrange seating in it. A few years ago, we bought a like-new sofa and loveseat from a military couple who just needed to get rid of it quickly, ad we ended up putting the loveseat in front of our (never-used*) fireplace. It may not be the best thing, design-wise, but we have a lot more times of having extra people in the house (esp. w/nieces in college here) than we ever used that fireplace.

Hope you enjoy it -- I'm sure it'll come in handy with the in-laws arriving, too :)

(*Our fireplace is like much of this house: someone was drunk when they designed it. It never put out much actual heat, even when we could still use it, and over the years, the top of the chimney's been damaged by storms and you *have* to have a *huge* bank of ashes at the back of the blasted thing [b/c it's too deep, and the warmth goes straight up the chimney otherwise], and.... yeah. We haven't used it in eons, so having the extra seating vs. the fireplace is almost a no-brainer in that sense. It just doesn't *look* the absolute best, obviously. :-P)