My plotbunny hutch is more of a 300-acre plotbunny wildlife sanctuary at this point.
I totally think Mozzie would have a field day with something like that!! ;-)
One of my acquaintances told me this evening that her bed was haunted, I shit you not. Said she woke up with a ghost spooning her. Maybe it's hers?
Hehe I agree it's best thing I read all day. There is definitely a story there.

Bucky Barnes (and his foul mouth) vs The Haunted Bed

*mattress tries to eat Bucky*
*what the ever-lovin' f**k*
*metal arm whirs*
*mattress stuffing and springs fly everywhere*
*mumbles curses about nightmares wrecking his sleep, he doesn't need a f***ing bed messing with him*
*neatly bags up the remnants and hauls it to the dumpster*
*goes to sleep on the couch*

The End.