Book report

Still laboring to stay spoiler-free for Civil War, and managing to be mostly successful. Thank you for not spoiling me, flist!

I also ran across a lovely rec for the Lauren books by way of a blog pingback today. I'm not sure if this is one of you guys, but if so, thank you! ♥ (Also, let's hear it for free samples, hooray!)

For my part, I've been reading quite a lot lately. It's been the usual mix of good books, forgettable books, and unfinishable books (the latter mostly courtesy of the cheap paperback pile or impulse acquisitions from random library shelves), but I have managed to discover a couple of new-to-me series lately that I'm really enjoying.

[personal profile] frith_in_thorns turned me onto Invisible Library and Masked City by Genevieve Cogman (and, uh, facilitated me being able to read them, since they're not out in the U.S. yet). They're really delightful; I love the characters and the clever worldbuilding. Alternate Earths exist on a continuum from order to chaos, and the more chaotic a world gets, the more it's taken over by narrative/story instead of reality -- so you get an increasing incidence of worlds that are full of narrative tropes and random crazy tech like ray guns or steampunk mecha. There's also magic, dragons, secret royalty, brilliant detectives, sentient trains ... these books are pretty much "let's throw all the Rule of Cool stuff imaginable into a blender, mix well, stir and enjoy". They're great.

And for a total change of pace from that, the other series I've really been enjoying is Richard Stevenson's Donald Strachey murder mysteries. I've gone through all the ones the library had, and just discovered there are SIX of them beyond the point where the library ones stop (plus, a couple missing ones along the way). The books span the time period from the early '80s to the present day and follow the life and career of a gay private eye in Albany, NY and his straight-laced politico boyfriend/later spouse. These are a blend of funny, adorable, and bleak, with a dry narrative voice and a general optimism about human nature (aspects of it, anyway) that helps keep the darker elements from being overwhelmingly depressing.

I know that movie adaptations of some of the books exist, but I'm not watching those yet because the actors are so far off my inner-eye view of the characters (they're a good 15-20 years too young, for one thing). The more I fall for the characters, though, the less I care because I just want MOAR DON AND TIMMY, so I'm sure I'll be watching those at some point.

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I'm mostly spoiler free for Cap3, too. But a good friend has seen it and it's killing me to keep from asking for a heads up so I can go in prepared for... whatever it's going to throw at me. *bites nails*

I'm just going to suffer through whatever the movie throws at me. XD *clings to unspoiled state*
I'm really excited for the Invisible Library series! I was a fan of the author's fic years and years ago, and have been eagerly awaiting their release in the US. I believe the first one is due out pretty soon - within a month or two.
I had no idea she was in fandom; that's cool to know! Of course now I'm wondering if I ever crossed paths with her, back in the day ...

And yeah, I think it's coming out in June!
She's still on LJ as incandescens. (She posts openly about the books, so I'm not outing her.) I believe she was mostly in anime/manga fandoms – I don't know if you were ever in that corner of fandom?
Oh wow, I do know her! I mean, definitely not well, but I started out in anime fandom, and I think I remember her from ... Saiyuki, maybe? I also think I've seen her commenting around mutual friends' LJs not too long ago. Small world. :D