Free Shifter Agents short story

On the Lauren Esker front, I posted a free short story over at Lauren's website, Chasing Bigfoot. Well, I say "short"; it's actually around 14K. Oops. Anyway, it's set shortly after Guard Wolf and stars Jack and Casey from Handcuffed to the Bear. Casey gets her first case as a trainee field agent, and it involves ... well ... Bigfoot. OR DOES IT???

I actually meant to write this one around Halloween, but one thing led to another and I didn't get around to it until after finishing the rough draft of the dragon book.

I've got it up for download in several formats: Kindle - Epub - PDF (right-click/save as for any of these). Or you can read it on the website.

Have at! And should you encounter any formatting weirdness or download issues, please let me know! (Or any issues of spelling, grammar, or research fail, for that matter, should one happen to jump out at you.) I included a few images in the ebook - nothing important, just pictures of Pacific Northwest woods - but those caused me more formatting headaches than the rest of it put together, so if they come out terrible or squashed on people's ereaders, I'll probably just end up deleting 'em.

(I also finally went and made myself a bear icon, now that I have all this extra icon space ...)

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The question in everyone's minds -- but is it an alpha bear....?
Bear icon is fun!! And yes, you need to fill that space!! I am still working on filling mine!!

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Enjoyed the story thoroughly. It was fun to read Jack and Casey work together. Casey has the makings of a great agent,
Thank you so much! :) I'm really happy you liked it! I had fun revisiting those characters.