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.... so I went and signed up for mcu_aufest (with utter predictability in which characters/pairings I asked for). I have mostly managed to talk myself out of signing up for Not Prime Time, mainly because of difficulty in coming up with a third fandom that I'm really enthusiastic about; Agent Carter and White Collar are easy, but there isn't really anything else I'm that into right now. Also, let's face it, after a couple years of not signing up for anything, I am going to regret it if I end up overloading myself.

On a random side note about Agent Carter fandom, it has been really an interesting experience to FINALLY get into a fandom that has an active and chatty fanbase on tumblr. Suddenly I understand what people actually get out of doing fandom on tumblr (beyond lurking and looking at shiny pictures), because if there are other people who are into the same thing and actively monitor the tags and talk back to text/meta posts, it's a whole new experience! It's the first time since I got on tumblr that I've actually started to feel like I'm getting to know people a little bit over there, and feel an actual sense of community. The chat feature definitely helps. But also, when I post a fic announcement on tumblr, I usually get at least a few comments over there; when I say something about the show, people talk back.

The size of the fandom probably makes a difference; it's at that sweet spot where it isn't so huge that the amount of content in the tags is overwhelming, but it's not so small that there's just nothing. And it helps to have a few chatty people who talk back and forth with each other a lot. I get the impression that Rivers of London fandom on tumblr is similar: not too big, not too small, with a few chatty people, and therefore an overall welcoming and socially active vibe.

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lol @ "chatty people"

I also feel like the AC fans are all generally just NICE. IDK if it's the size of the fandom, but I've yet to run into anything that made me go "OH HELL NO" in this fandom. (Taking AoS for a contrasting example)
Yeah, my experiences in the fandom have been really pleasant and positive! There is ship bashing, but it's mostly of the impersonal variety -- that is, it's not people attacking each other (usually), it's people posting anti-ship meta in the tags and whatnot, and that's going to happen in any fandom. Everyone I've talked to seems to be really nice and supportive of each other, and I don't think I've ever been in a fandom where people were so enthusiastic about reblogging stuff with nice comments.
Satisfy my curiosity--how does one actually chat with anyone on tumblr? :-)
People usually do it by reblogging posts back and forth, with their own comments added. There's also a chat client now, which I think has to be activated by someone sending you a chat request -- once that's done, it works just like a normal chat client.

I've occasionally gotten into reblog conversations with people before, but always felt like anything original I posted on Tumblr (fic announcements, meta posts, even pictures for the most part) just fell into a void. It actually makes a huge difference in terms of my level of engagement over there that most Agent Carter posts tend to get at least a couple of comments; it makes it feel much less like I'm talking into a void.
Yeah, the reblogging thing with comments added seems so strange to me. How does someone know that anyone as responded/added comments to something you reblogged unless you're constantly checking the stream? The couple of times someone *did* comment on anything over there, I had no idea how to respond. :-)

Of course, like anything else, it's hard to figure out how it works if I never spend any time there. But man, it's a minefield for spoilers! I'm told I can filter out stuff, but since the stuff I'd be filtering is the stuff I really like, it doesn't seem like much point for someone like me, whose always months behind everyone else on watching things.

I should look for your posts though!
I have not read any Agent Carter fic but I would really like to. When I find time.

I am glad that tumblr is working out for you - I just feel kind of lost there. Plus, it's where my daughter hangs out all the time, and that just feels kind of weird. Like we might end up crossing the streams, you know?
ha! I can see how that would be a problem, yes. :)

I've been on tumblr for three or four years, but haven't started getting (relatively) comfortable with it until recently. I still prefer the LJ/DW mode of interaction, and consider this my primarily residence on the Internet (so to speak), but I've come to appreciate a number of things about tumblr, especially the ease of posting pictures over there.