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Apparently I am now contemplating a signup for mcu_aufest. So many AU possibilities! So fun! And all my Agent Carter ships are in the tag set. (Okay, I nominated some of them, but some were nominated by people other than me.) Do want.

I should probably get to work on the other fests I'm signed up for first, however. AUGH. I know what I'm writing for [community profile] marvelismarvel; I just need to ... actually write it ...

(Does anyone notice that you never heard the term "ficathon" anymore? I think it's fallen out of favor completely. It's all "fest" and "exchange" now ...)

I was also talking to my sister about Civil War tonight. Or, more like the other way around.

Sister: So you still haven't watched the trailer yet.
Me: No.
Sister: And you're somehow miraculously unspoiled.
Me: Miraculously, yes.
Me: NO.

I realize the odds of me making it through another three weeks unspoiled are slim, especially once it premieres in European markets. She suggested I avoid social media. hahahaaaaaaaa AS IF.

ETA: Also, I am having a good month on the writing front, so I decided to treat myself and bought more icon slots on both LJ and DW. Because 100 icons is not enough. I am a sad and pathetic human being. (I can't BELIEVE Tumblr limits you to only one icon. They are clearly missing the mark on gratuitous self-expression.)

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I AM SIGNING UP FOR THE THING I HATE YOU. (you should really help me brainstorm these things given the number of things you've indirectly caused me to sign up for XD)

TOO MANY FIC-A-WHATEVERS. *sigh* I wish I had time and creative energy to do all the things.

Good luck staying unspoiled! I'm no longer watching any of the "extra" sneak peeks and such, but I've seen all the trailers and read several non-spoilery reviews. So far, I haven't been spoiled for anything other than the general "ZOMG THIS IS THE BEST SUPERHERO MOVIE EVER" reaction from 100% of the critics out there. Which is actually a good thing to be spoiled on. *g*

I also drove by the cinema where we'll see it yesterday and got the most godawful pit in my stomach. I've never both eagerly anticipated and absolutely *dreaded* a movie so much in my life.

Obviously I'm in too deep. Send help.

(No, don't send help. I'm happy down here in the pit of Captain America hell....)
I'm not singing up. HA! *exerts effort of will......*

Also I will be away most of May on a vacation trip with limited access to the internet which might turn out to be a good thing if the are movie spoilers. I remained completely unspoiled for all other movies so I have some hope. I just have to stop reading google news entirely for a few weeks. I haven't seen the trailer and haven't read the comics so we'll see how that holds up.

p.s. when is it released in NA? I've only seen the April 27th date.

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I've watched the trailer for Civil War, but so far that's it... well, other than something that was a joke and supposedly not spoilery - maybe I'll link to that after you've seen the movie, if I remember! Won't risk it now, just in case there is something I didn't recognise as a spoiler in it. *hopes you manage to make it unspoiled*

Only 100 icons? I have 151 icons and places for 212 in total...which means I need to get more icons on there!! Can't have that many spare slots available!!! Why, yes, I am an icon-junkie, why do you ask, lol?! Not on DW atm, as I'm still using a free account over there, but on LJ? Oh yeah, can't help myself!!!

If I was on Tumblr, I'd be changing my icon often!!