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Catching up

Somehow on tumblr I ended up writing some bits of an Agent Carter YA paranormal romance AU. (I'm linking to one of the reblogs instead of the original because the reblog notes are GOLDEN. I also love this reblog speculating on werewolves with three legs. Please tell me I have many things to write and I do not need to write an Agent Carter high school paranormal AU.

My Agent Carter season one rewatch stalled out after two episodes because I've been too busy to watch TV. If you judged me based on the general content of this blog, you might think I never do anything but watch TV, but in actual fact I watch very little. It seems to go in cycles; I'll get hooked on something and watch a bunch of it, then lose interest and won't watch anything for a month. The last couple of weeks, I've been in a "not watching anything" phase. However, I've now gotten the next Lauren novel off to beta, and cleared a bunch of other "to do" stuff off my plate (WHY ARE TAXES), and I'm looking forward to spending the next couple of weeks in a more leisurely mode: catching up on stuff, spring cleaning, working on my Kismet page buffer, rewatching more Agent Carter, and so forth. But most importantly, not being under a huge brain-consuming deadline.

Other things I have neglected to mention lately: ellenmillion has a Kickstarter you should check out - (More!) Fantasy Coloring Books for (so-called) Grown-ups. I did the editing on the video, featuring Ellen's acting talents. I am especially proud of the 1960s-Batman-inspired special effects and the cheesy logo morph at the end.

Finally, I give you a very Alaskan photo. (Link goes to Facebook; I don't think you have to be logged in to see it.)

ETA: Picture of migrating trumpeter swans that I took this afternoon at our local wildlife refuge and posted to Tumblr. We are having record numbers of them this year. It's the first time I've been out there this spring and I think I missed Peak Swan, but there were still a lot of them, mostly traveling in pairs.

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Taxes should be banned. Ugh. We get ours done early--like in February early, which last year ended up being a good thing when we discovered someone had stolen our identities. *pinches bridge of nose* Fortunately we had plenty of time to report it to the IRS and jump through hoops and get extensions etc etc (it's all cleared up now, not really much damage at all, thank goodness). Now we have a Sooper Sekrut Password to use when we file (that will be secret only until the next hack on the IRS, I suspect....).

Alas that I shall never be as cool as a dog riding a moose. *le sigh* But those swans... gorgeous.

That vid is hilarious! And I see her goal has already been met. Woot!

Oh no, that's terrible! I'm glad you got it cleared up, but wow, what an awful experience. :(
I'm the same way about TV, don't watch nearly as much of it as I seem to talk about on my LJ. XD

I really would enjoy seeing the reviews for the rest of S1 episodes. I think I watched that season slightly out of step with the fandom (e.g. later in the week) so I never got the full SQUEE of it out. (You can't tell, because I am not bursting into spontaneous squee ALL over when the subject comes up XD)

I am afraid to read that supernatural!AU because I'll probably like it and then spend the next month thinking about the possibilities for future exploits. The danger is real.
Yeah I noticed that, about you and Agent Carter. It's very hard to tell what you think about the show. Maybe you should be less subtle about it.

... haha, but yes, I love talking to you about the show, and I DO want to make more posts about it. And I will! Um, eventually! It's been long enough now that I think I might need to watch 1x02 again before moving on in my rewatch (I think I basically have the first episode memorized, so probably don't need to watch THAT one again ... probably ...).
That is a very Alaskan photo!! And no, I'll never be as cool as that dog, lol!!

Love your photo of the swans! :)
Huh, I'm the exact same way with TV. One month I'll binge on TV and catch up with all my shows. The next month it's like "what is this TV you speak of?"

You should totally write that AU. I mean... er... no, bad Sholio! No paranormal Agent Carter AUs for you!
Yep, that's just how I am! Unfortunately it means there are a lot of shows I only ever watched halfway through, because I got partway into them, and then fell into a no-TV-watching hole, and when I came out of it, something else caught my eye ... so now it's been years and I never did finish them. (Burn Notice, Leverage, and Once Upon a Time are all suffering from this problem, among others ...)
Peggy sat up straight and gripped her half-empty Coke can so hard it crumpled. “There’s only one thing to do.”
“Tell Mr. Dooley and the SSR about it?” Daniel asked hopefully.
“No. I’m going to have to try out for the cheerleading team.”

Heeeeee. I admit that the posted bit is probably less Twilight and more Buffy, at least in its general tone. XD