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SSR Confidential letter

Thank you so much for creating a fanwork for me! I know it's probably intimidating to get the mod as your assignment, but I really am very easy to please. I know I will love whatever you make me!

General likes: casefic, action, h/c, friendship, cuddling, curtainfic, domesticity, quiet downtime between cases, futurefic, AUs, missing scenes. I love alllll the hurt/comfort tropes, but I'm also totally fine with none at all if it's not your thing.

General dislikes: character bashing, crossovers, PWP (as noted in details below, I don't mind explicit content in fic, but it's not really something I go for). If you are going to write fic set after the season two finale, please don't kill Jack! (Unless it's temporary; I'm also thoroughly fond of "presumed dead" as a trope.)

Peggy & Daniel & Jack, Peggy/Daniel/Jack, Peggy & Jack, Daniel/Jack, Daniel & Jack

I am just a complete sucker for these three in any/all combinations, gen or ship. The character combos I requested are my current favorites to read about, but that's like "favorite kind of chocolate"; I mostly just narrowed it down so I wasn't asking for EVERYTHING, but I really like ALL the ships and character combos with these three, so I'm also fine with the presence of any versions not listed above in a fic written for me.

Prompts: seeing them on a case would be nice, as would something set during their down time (having drinks, visiting each other in the hospital, getting trapped somewhere by the weather or a case gone wrong); or something about getting to know each other better, trying to navigate the changes in their relationship(s) over the seasons. Post-season-two fic dealing with the aftermath of Jack's shooting would be very welcome, and future fic, set five or ten years down the road, is also great. I love h/c, by the way. I also like AUs, of either the "turn left at canon" or total AU variety. I'm not super interested in explicit fic; I don't mind it, but if you write me ship fic, I prefer kissing and snuggling to smut.

I also love these characters individually, so it's fine with me if you want to write about just one of them (a solo Peggy fic, for example).

Rose Roberts

Rose is so great! I would love anything about her: working as a field agent post-season-two, earlier fic about how she got into the spy business, her life outside the office, interacting with any of the other characters, etc. Did she take Howard up on his offer? Does she have friends in LA?

The one thing I would prefer not to receive is fic about Rose matchmaking for Peggy/Daniel (much as I love Peggy/Daniel), because there is a lot of that kind of fic out there already, and I want to see Rose get to be the star. But a fic about Rose working with Peggy or Daniel, or both, would be great. It might also be interesting to see how she'd do with a character she hasn't had much interaction with in canon, like Jack or the Jarvises.


If you take me up on the vid option, as well as any of the above characters I would also be happy with any sort of vid dealing with the general cast/ensemble. My music preferences lean towards pop (not gonna lie, I love cheesy, overplayed top-40 pop songs), rock, alternative, and folk, and I prefer faster songs to slower ones for vids -- but I am not too picky, and I love discovering new songs via vids, so if you think the song suits the vid you're making, I'm sure I'll love it!

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