Infinite Squee


They've cast their Colleen Wing for the Netflix Defenders shows! (For Star Wars fans, it's the same actress who played Jessika Pava, the female X-Wing pilot.) Which means that, while we may not have Night Wing Investigations yet, we are definitely going to have both Misty AND Colleen in the Marvel TV 'verse, and my inner 10-year-old will now expire quietly of squee in the corner.

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I had to look up who she is. But, I'm happy and moved, and sort of thrilled that TPTB cast someone who is the same race as her original comic book character. (half asian, half white; used to be called Eurasian, but I don't know if that term is used anymore)

It's been years (decades?) since she was introduced. I might be mis-remembering, but I think she had a brief flirtation with Cyclops. (I'll try to look it up.)

I'm an Asian woman, so I was very interested in her. I don't think she started out with any powers or special skills, so I'm glad to see that she's been "upgraded". I'm going to have to get myself back on an unlimited internet connection so I can watch Netflix again.

Edit: I just got back from looking at your Dreamwidth comments.
I had no idea Colleen was half Japanese. With a last name of Wing, I had thought she was half Chinese. The reveal must have happened after I stopped reading comics. I'm Japanese-American, so I find myself even more interested in reviewing her history.

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I'm really happy about it, too! :D I'm glad the casting department stuck as close as they did to her comics ethnic background. The character (if I remember right) is half Japanese in the comics (I think Wing is her dad's name - white dad, Japanese mom). If they're going to stick with her as having Japanese ancestry, they really should've cast a (part) Japanese actress imho, but several of the characters in the Netflix shows have very different backgrounds from their comics version, so they might be taking her in a different direction and cast an actress who reflects that. (Elektra I believe is Greek in the comics, but in the TV version she has Asian ancestry and is played by a part-Cambodian actress. So they might be taking Colleen in a slightly different direction as well.)

In any case, she was one of my favorites back in the day -- and yeah, she was a normal human with martial arts skills, which was another thing that made me really enjoy her. I'm really looking forward to checking out the TV version of her!