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1. I read an Agents of SHIELD-related interview this morning with Jeph Loeb (the head of Marvel TV) in which he said he's "optimistic" for an Agent Carter renewal. \o/ Obviously that's not the same as an actual renewal announcement (we probably won't know one way or another 'til May), but it seems like a good sign that the head honcho is on board with a new season of the show, which means that even if ABC decides not to pick it up, it also has a pretty good shot at getting a new lease on life at Netflix, Hulu, or something like that. Right???

2. Homestuck is back! And into the endgame updates, apparently. It's going to be really weird not having this comic around anymore. Not that I remember anything that was going on when it stopped updating last July, besides "apocalypse". But it's great to see the characters again.

3. I can't remember if I've posted about this here, but one of my new favorite things is the webcomic Stand Still, Stay Silent. It's basically the zombie apocalypse meets Scandinavian mythology. (Not Norse gods and things of that nature, but trolls and spirit animals and such, through a post-apocalypse filter.) Despite the depressing premise (and very high body count in the first chapter), it's character-focused and very sweet and funny, though it also has moments of gore, body horror, and general creepiness. The art is absolutely gorgeous and it updates 5 days a week.

4. I was in Barnes & Noble yesterday, and I wasn't going to buy anything except a hot chocolate, I SWEAR, but they had this shelf of Japanese import stuff, and, uh, I saw a really adorable little Bulma figure (grown-up Bulma, with the short hair). And there was also a Vegeta, and she couldn't just be alone, right ...? I haven't bought DBZ stuff in forever (almost a decade and a half), but now they're on the shelf above my desk, and they're tiny and adorable and both scowling, it's great.

5. Signups are still open at SSR Confidential 'til the end of the week! We have 17 people so far (and I still need to write mine, so that'll be 18 when I get that done). I'm really delighted with the variety of character and pairing options that people have selected; it looks like there will be something for everyone.

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#1: This is encouraging!!

#2: I... really ought to catch up. I'm not sure where I left off, but I don't want to miss being there when it ends.
I was absolutely convinced at the end of the season that there wouldn't be another one ... but I also didn't think there'd be a season two, and everything I'm hearing about season three seems to be cautiously encouraging so ... maybe? *fingers crossed*

I keep thinking I need to reread the comic from the beginning. I've forgotten so much. But obviously that's not happening before the end.
#1: YAYAYAYAYAY!! I hope we get a S3, b/c it keeps getting even better! I just totally, completely adore this show!!
I'm hopeful! And trying not to get my hopes up TOO much, but ... ohhhh, I want a season three SO BAD.
ABSOLUTELY!! I'm the same way about trying not to hope *too* hard, but I do love that there's at least a decent chance of it happening!! <3
That's cool about Agent Carter. I read one article detailing how foolish they'd have to be to cancel a Marvel product.

I'll have to check out that web comic when my head isn't going thousand directions at once.
I was convinced we wouldn't even get a season two because of the ratings, but everything I'm hearing about season three seems to be cautiously optimistic so ... maybe!
I'd be soo happy if AC got renewed \o/ (And then immediately terrified because JACK. My headcanon is so firmly in the he-lives direction that I would have actual trouble adjusting to anything else!)

And I was wondering when your signup is going to show up for the SSR Challenge. I think there's been a marvelous turn out so far :D
I am not even going to consider the possibility of the show getting renewed without CMM coming back, because yeah, I think for me right now, having the show renewed only to have Jack declared canonically dead would be THE WORST. Still clinging to hope that we can have it aaaaalllllll ...

And yeah, since I'm the mod I didn't want to put up my signup 'til other people had a few days to sign up first (I don't know, it made sense to me at the time). But now I have to actually write the thing.
I saw on... was it or that AC was one of the top 5 of their site readers' "hoping for renewal" shows and they mentioned that last year the top 5 all were renewed when the did a similar survey of on-the-bubble shows. So that was encouraging and now reading this, I'm doubly hopeful. But ugh, I do hope they include a living and breathing Jack!! *crosses fingers* (CMM has another acting job... I don't know if that will play into their decision about Jack or if, like Hayley Atwell, they'll work around his schedule? Although with Hayley, they pretty much *have* to work around her schedule; CMM, not so much as he's a secondary character who could, I have to begrudgingly admit, die and thus have a lasting effect in that way on the remaining characters. Much as I hate fridging any character, male or female, in order to affect change on the remaining ones, I do acknowledge it *can* be a useful plot device when done well. I just don't wike it.)

Still mulling over #5!! Gah, I want to so badly but I'm afraid I'll draw a blank when it comes to actually, you know, writing All The Words. Or I'll get too busy with daughter's end-of-the-school-year stuff and not have the time... ughhhhh..... so hard.
#1 - this is very encouraging, here's hoping for another season!

#4 - yeah, sometimes things just have to be purchased!! One of the reasons I don't tend to browse kindle or second hand books online too often, they seem to be my weakness! :)