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The Agent Carter fanworks exchange IS HERE!

SSR Confidential signups are open! Writers, artists, and vidders can all play.

Announcement post with links to rules etc.

Since I'm new to running exchanges on AO3, I am going to hold off announcing it at fandom_calendar and other places until Friday noonish, in the hopes that any issues with the signup form (should any occur) will have come up and been fixed by then.

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Ooh, exciting! I'm going to be giving this some hard thought in the next week, see if I can come up with a fic idea. And then see if I'll have time to actually get the thing written.
wheeee :D :D

... Just checking that this was clear, it's a fanworks exchange, so you'll provide some fic ideas for others to write for you, and you'll be offering to write (or do art, or whatever) for whoever you're assigned to. I might be misreading your comment, but I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't being confusing (which is a definite possibility XD).
*facepalm* This is what happens when I try to reply to posts before I drink my morning coffee. But yes... all that you said. I'll be trying to sort our if I have the time and brain cells for it (and apparently the latter is going to be the bigger question!!)
I've signed up on AO3, hope what I've done is fine.

Not sure about a letter, never done one before, so not sure what to put. Might think about that later, when my brain isn't as fried as it feels right now!
Yay! Your request looks fine to me! You don't have to do a letter; it's optional, if you want to give a longer and more detailed request than you can easily fit into the request box, or if you have a general letter of likes and dislikes for exchanges (which some people do). But it's totally optional.