Avengers-Jack Peggy

Some Agent Carter ficlets

I asked for Agent Carter fic prompts last night on Tumblr - normally I do this kind of thing on LJ/DW (when I do it) but I decided to give the Tumblr people a shot at it this time. So here are the results:

Rose doing field work
Jack gets Winter Soldier’d
Daniel has a mechanical breakdown
Peggy and Jack bodyswap
Peggy and Daniel sparring
New York SSR follow-up after season finale
Peggy has a terrible day & people try to make her feel better

I'll do this again at some point, I think! Doing shortfic from prompts is a little hit or miss for me (I tend to end up using up as much creative energy to do a 500-word short fic as doing 3000 words of a longer story; it's just how my brain works) but I did a little better this time at letting go of the need to make each one a complete story (some are; others are just vignettes of bigger stories - I was only guaranteeing people at least 100 words of whatever it was) and had fun.

You can comment here if there are any you have comments about! I'll get them up on AO3 eventually.

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LOVE LOVE LOVE! And finally I'm caught up and not in terror of spoiling, so I get to read the things you're posting about Agent Carter.
I love everything about the ficlet you wrote for my prompt. Everything! <3
Lovely collection of ficlets made for a very pleasant Sunday read
So much fun! I especially like Rose doing field work, Daniel running two offices, and everyone making Peggy's day better.