Avengers-Jack Peggy

I had another thought ...

... about Agent Carter. Yes, I'm sure you're surprised.

It was something that occurred to me watching a vid for Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist. She's one of my favorites, in large part because I've always adored badass normal* characters in scifi/fantasy/superhero canons. I love the powered ones also, but I frequently have a special soft spot for characters who go up against fantastically powerful enemies armed with nothing but guns (or swords or whatever the local tech is). They're often my favorites or at least my "noooo, please don't kill them" special-baby co-favorites in whatever canon they appear.

*obligatory TV Tropes warning

And Agent Carter is LITERALLY ALL badass normals. That's what they are. It's Team Badass Normal vs. supervillains.

I know it's not the only show out there like that (Agents of SHIELD is largely that way too) but ... it is just another way in which this show feels like it's Written For Me (tm).

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One of the most fun things about Agent Carter is how it's somewhat of a genre-mashup, since she's up again comicbook supervillains but she's really more of a superspy, with the gadgets and killer outfits and whatnot!

(Just have to mention, the new Supergirl show has this - my favorite character is Kara's (adopted, human) sister, who is an agent in an anti-evil-alien agency and apparently had her fear center excised, because she does not give a flying fuck about the power levels of the aliens she faces. Especially if they're potentially a danger to her sister.)
Oddly, the thing that was hardest for me to get over in SPN was that Dean is not quite human since S10. I really loved that aspect [eta: that Dean was human], and it was a huge part of why I enjoyed the show as much as I did. (Haven't seen S11 yet, although absolutely plan to, so I'm spoiler free until that happens).

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FWIW, having just got back into SPN after a years-long breakup, I've really enjoyed s11 thus far (if you'd like any specific spoilers/advanced warning just ask!)
Yessss, I love the genre mashup elements! This is the first fandom I've been in since SGA that has felt as full of wide-open possibilities to write about. You can do basic spy or detective plots, superheroes, weird alien tech causing time travel or dimensional rifts or changes to characters' physiology -- just about anything is possible. :D And I love how it's all new to them, unlike Agents of SHIELD where they're (mostly) used to dealing with weirdness; it's fun watching characters encounter it for the first time (another thing that was fun in SGA).

Supergirl is definitely on my to-watch list! It looks like a lot of fun. And I didn't know that was an element of the show - it definitely sounds like my kind of thing! (Is the agency Spyral? I know DC is trying to develop their own extended TV 'verse to rival Marvel's, so it seems like a logical thing to include ...)
The organization in Supergirl is the DEO (Department of Extraterrestrial..something or other? Ah, Department of Extranormal Operations) - which I don't know if it's original or from the comics. They're not really spies, more a military initiative. ARGUS and Amanda Waller have also been turning up in Arrow for a while now. No Spyral as yet. Most of the Supergirl cast are normal humans (other than Kara (and Clark's mostly off-screen cameos) there's another super-powered hero, but it's something of a spoiler for the first few eps) but Alex in particular is amazing because she's on the front lines and knows how dangerous these aliens are and just matter-of-factly does not flinch.

And yeah, DC is well on its way with the TV-verse - or multiverse, rather. Supergirl is definitely in a different dimension than Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow - but in the same multiverse, since Earth-2 and other universes have been a major part of Flash this season and there's a Flash-Supergirl crossover coming up soon (interesting because it's a cross-network crossover, but the shows have the same creators...)

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I'm kind of a sucker for the Normal Person Up Against All The Freaky Things, too. That's part of the appeal of Bucky Barnes for me. He's got *some* 'juice', but he's not as strong/nearly invincible as Steve. As Sebastian Stan put it, "He's just got this metal arm, I guess... he could die at any time." And that for me is key in any hero vs baddie situation: is there real peril? (Free op/ed: Marvel, however, takes the 'real peril' too far in the comics with Bucky... he's gotten killed off WAY too often.) Nothing bores me more than a hero who literally *can't* get a scratch. Much as I love Superman, I do get a little tired of him ALWAYS bouncing back up, unless Kryptonite is involved. Agent Carter really does do a marvelous job with the whole "normal kids vs Freaky Things" trope.

Gimme some vulnerability, please. So long as they live afterward. *side eyes the Jack Thompson storyline*
Yes, I love that about Bucky too! I think he feels somewhat more that way in the comics than in the movies (like an "ordinary guy in a roomful of superheroes" type of character) ... although, come to think of it, we haven't really seen movie!Bucky just being him since he got Winter Soldier'd, whereas we've had quite a lot of it with comics Bucky, so that's probably why ...

So long as they live afterward. *side eyes the Jack Thompson storyline*

HE'S ONLY SHOT, HE ISN'T DEAD. *clings to hope*
Yess!! I 've thought of this too, and I just -love- it. I always enjoyed that about the Stargate series for example, the "human faces unknown" aspect, and the fact that these are regular, competent people in incredible situations.... so much love! :D
Yeah, like I was saying in my answer to Xparrot, this is the first thing I've fanned on since Stargate that has felt as full of wide-open possibilities for things to write about. The reason why I wrote SO much for SGA was because of the vast array of possible plots that you could write (all kinds of alien planets, weird alien tech, etc) and this show has the possibility of all kinds of spy/detective plots as well as most of the superpower and alien tech options, too. And, yes, that "ordinary people meet the extraordinary" vibe. It's great. :D
Agents of SHIELD has been less and less that way. It was My Show for a while, but then they ruined it (mostly by killing off and robbing agency from Black characters one after another, grrr).

Agent Carter is My Show, and I love the badass normals. I think I might even be starting to love Jack a little. Peggy is the awesomest. And Jarvis wasn't even trained for most of this!
Yeah, Trip was my favourite, I soooo shipped him with Skye, and then when he was gone I just kind of lost interest. And there's also the fact that all of them are more supernatural than normal now, so there's that.

And ahahahaha about you starting to like Jack. It's hard NOT to after S2!

Peggy is just awesomeness personified. I <3 her so much!
Agents of SHIELD ... yeahhhhh. I watched last night's episode and I was thinking about how I just don't want to get attached to any of the characters anymore. They kill them too often ... or turn them evil ... or whatever. I can't really get into them with that kind of uncertainty. (I ... I found myself really liking Talbot last night. >_> It doesn't help AT ALL that he's Adrian Pasdar, despite all the show's efforts to make him not look like Adrian Pasdar. But if he ends up sympathetic to Team Coulson, he's almost certainly going to die.) I like a little uncertainty -- I spent a lot of this season really nervous about a couple of characters' fates in Agent Carter -- but it seems like the older I get, the more I just want everything to END HAPPILY for everybody.