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Help with the AO3 exchange form?

Okay, I confess: certain aspects of the AO3 form for setting up a fic exchange are baffling me utterly.

There are two specific things I am having trouble figuring out, and would really appreciate advice from anyone who's run or helped run an exchange on AO3.

- Several of the exchanges I've participated in lately have used an optional tag field to allow people to check "fic" or "art". As far as I can tell, this is the only way to do matching in an exchange that includes both. But I can't figure out how to add these fields.

- It's possible to have one request that includes multiple pairings, or have each pairing as its own request. Anyone have advice on the best way to set this up for matching purposes? Especially since this is a single-fandom exchange and therefore theoretically less complicated, I could easily just have one request per signup, allowing people to enter however many pairings they want (up to the maximum). OR I could have each pairing as its own request and allow 6 or 8 or whatever I decide to make the maximum. Pros? Cons? "One request, multiple pairings" seems like the most straightforward, but "multiple requests, one pairing each" allows people to easily enter their optional details for each pairing, as those are probably going to be different.

For the last one, I'd also be interested in hearing from anyone who's participated in several exchanges as far as which version you found easiest to use.

I also haven't decided what my minimum/maximums are going to be. Matching is going to be done on the basis of pairing/relationship. Right now I'm thinking:

Requests: minimum 1, maximum 8
Offers: minimum 2, maximum 8

Allowing people to offer as little as one pairing might be a TERRIBLE idea, but I also don't think there are going to be that many people who are that OTP-ish about really rare pairings (that is, I would expect that people who really only want ONE are going to come from the bigger pairings, though I might be tragically mistaken). Anyway, I could also bump it up to two.

Opinions very welcome!

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I think there's a maximum number of possible requests/offers, so you can let people request/offer more pairings/relationships if you let them put it all in a single request/Offer. But if you want to restrict it to 8 anyway, I don't think it matters. (More offers generally help a lot with matchability, though. Most exchanges have a higher allowed number of offers than requests.)
Yeah, figuring out request/offer numbers is the thing I'm having the hardest time with (and is the main reason the setup form is still sitting open rather than being submitted already). Why is this haaaaaard.
I agree with someone who said higher minimum on offers will make match-making easier. I haven't had experience with AO3 challenges, and the kinds of challenges I -have- participated in have been where you choose who to work with (e.g. you as an author pick the fanart you will write a story as an artist pick the fic by the summary that you will draw for), so I can't help much.

"I would expect that people who really only want ONE are going to come from the bigger pairings"

Actually, I can see it going the other way: If you are craving that particular rare-pare you aren't going to miss the chance by allowing someone to write a more popular pairing instead. Like, I'm already debating whether to include Peggy/Daniel in my requests purely because as much as I ship them, I'm pretty much guaranteed at least ONE fic of that pairing since it's popular anyway....? :)

Right now I've got it as 2-6 requests and 2-8 offers. I may bump it up a minimum of 3 offers later ... I'll see how it looks when I get the form together.
I have no clue how any of this works, but the advice from the people above sounds good, so I'm just adding a +1 to their thoughts c: