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Agent Carter fanworks exchange

Thank you for the input, everyone! It looks like SSR Confidential is winning the poll by a landslide (though Fic Bop and Spring Swing are also popular), and that's also my favorite at the moment, so that's the one I'm going with. And all the votes were for allowing both fic and art, so it's now "fanworks exchange" instead of "fic exchange".

Consequently, we now have:

[community profile] ssrconfidential | ssrconfidential | [tumblr.com profile] ssrconfidential

A tentative set of rules and schedule has been posted at each of these places.

I'll also be posting updates at my journal, but these are the main places to follow for news. I'm still figuring out the schedule, and haven't started doing the AO3 part yet. Input is welcome (there, or here) if you have suggestions or comments.

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Yay \o/

I'm particularly happy there's a difference between & and / relationships since romance isn't really what I'm in for in this show.

BTW, it might be nice to have -some- guideline on the minimum size of artworks or something. I personally actually feel -less- intimidated when I know I'll have some rules to follow rather than a totally "whatever you think is best" style. Because just knowing that the minimum of fanwork is 1000 words relieves some of the pressure of "oh does every fic have to be 50k long???" from the author, and I think artists might like something like that as well. :-)

Yeah, I need to remember when I write up the full rules to make it clear that gen fic is entirely fine, since that's mainly what I'm after, as well. And there will definitely be clearer art guidelines too!
Ain't that the bee's knees! I've joined it in all three places... maybe someday I'll actually contribute something. :)
I've signed up on LJ for now, but if I decide to provide artwork, I'll sign up at AO3 as well. With that in mind, any idea where I can decent screencaps from?

Also, what sort of artwork are you thinking of for the exchange? If icons, you might want to set a minimum number, and if a picspam, you might want to consider a minimum number of photos to be used in it. Wallpapers, headers, cover arts and bespoke pieces tend to be larger and so probably don't need any guidelines as such.
Yeah, there will definitely be better guidelines for artwork! The preliminary rules are just to give people a general idea of what I'm thinking about, since I haven't worked out the full set of rules yet. I'll have the full rules up around the time I open nominations; I haven't set up the AO3 end of things at all.

There is someone who's been posting hi-rez screencap sets on tumblr but, like an idiot, I never saved any of those posts; I'll try to find them as a resource. There's also this site with high-quality episode stills and behind the scenes pictures.
That site is good, it's got some caps I can work with so long as the request is not too specific! If you do find the tumblr posts, that'd be great, but don't worry if you can't. :D