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Agent Carter fic exchange - what to call it

Okay, so, here are the top options for an Agent Carter fic exchange, gleaned from my favorites of people's suggestions (edited according to my preferences, because modly privilege) and from my own ideas. As well as voting in the poll (if you want!) please let me know in comments if any of these strike you as a TERRIBLE idea for some reason.

Yes, Fic *Bop* and Fic *Hop* are intentionally separate options. At the moment, I am leaning heavily towards either Fic Bop or SSR Confidential, but I want to know which ones you guys like. And if you think of any more, leave them in comments!

Which one(s) do you like best?

Agent Carter Fic Bop
Agent Carter Spring Shindig
Agent Carter Spring Swing
Agent Carter Fic Hop
Agent Carter Social
Agent Carter Fic Party
SSR Confidential: Agent Carter Fic Exchange

Should this exchange be fic only, or have art options too?

Fic only
Fic and art
No opinion

[DW version of this poll]
I didn't read your comments before picking Fic Bop and SSR Confidential, promise!
The fact that I love the "L.A Confidential" movie has had no impact on my decision, I swear. (They're even IN L.A.! XD)
Ha! I loved that movie, but it's been a long time since I saw it (15 years, maybe). *adds to netflix queue*
I love all the choices, actually. And I'm lurking on the sidelines, pretending I'm not panting to participate. I don't think that would be wise, as you know, for reasons. But that doesn't mean I'm not watching this unroll!
I completely understand! :D I probably shouldn't be doing this myself, but, well ... these things happen. XD And if it goes well, it will probably happen again!