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Marvel is Marvel request letter

ETA 4-2-16: Having watched Daredevil season two, I added a paragraph about that to my letter, in case we matched on that one and you haven't started writing yet! All the original request still applies, but there's some new stuff. New request addition contains season two spoilers! (It's at the very bottom of my request, so easily skippable.)

Hello, writer! I hope you enjoy writing for me, and I'm sure I'll love whatever you write!

General fic likes: Casefic, adventure, h/c (as tropey as you like), slice of life, fluff, cuddling, cool alien/spy tech, daring rescues, friendship, banter, characters worrying about each other, characters hanging out together, AUs. I am equally happy with long angsty casefic epics and with 1000 words of plotless fluff in which the characters play board games.

General dislikes: Crossovers, deathfic, unhappy endings, hurt with no comfort.

For this exchange in particular, I would prefer not to mix TV/movie and comics canon, although shows/movies/comics that canonically cross over are fine. (That is, having the TV version of Jessica Jones turn up in a TV-Daredevil fic is fine, as they exist in the same universe; what I'm trying to avoid here is having, say, Magneto show up.) Unless there's some sort of dimension-crossover device involved, in which case, go nuts. I just want them to be from separate dimensions instead of all existing in the same one, if that makes sense.

Specific fandom requests:

Agent Carter

Characters: Peggy, Daniel, Jack, Rose
Relationships: Peggy & Jack, Peggy & Daniel, Daniel & Jack, Peggy & Daniel & Jack

Details: So you'll notice my character/relationship requests are mostly various combinations of Peggy, Jack, and Daniel. I am fine with any and all shippy variants of these relationships too (particularly the inclusion of Peggy/Daniel in an otherwise gen story, as it's canon now - though obviously you don't need to worry about including it if you don't ship them) but mostly I just enjoy my darling SSR dorks doing things together. I would enjoy any combination of these three having SSR adventures or hanging out together or dealing with the fallout from the season two cliffhanger (please no dead Jack, though!) or even a look at how things will be with them a decade or two down the road.

And I fell hard for Rose in season two (she's so great!) and would enjoy her in combination with any of the others (one or all) or just a solo Rose story if that's what we match on. Seeing her doing SSR stuff would be great (maybe she actually thwarts all kinds of spy plots so efficiently that nobody upstairs even notices a thing!), but it would also be great to get a look at her life off duty. There's probably also quite an interesting story in how she got involved in the spy business.

Daredevil (TV)

Characters: Matt, Foggy, Karen, Marci
Relatinships: Matt & Foggy & Karen, Foggy/Marci

Details: Hurt/comfort is always a good possibility with this bunch, but if that's not your thing, some other possibilities: Karen and/or Marci finding out about Matt, a Nelson & Murdock legal case, one of Matt's enemies coming after Foggy or Karen, the characters doing something fun together on their down time, or maybe some/all of them getting involved with a community-rebuilding project in Hell's Kitchen; fic exploring backstories or solo stories about what any of the characters get up to in their free time is also welcome. Feel free to include Claire or other characters if they fit the plot.

ETA 4-2-16 - SEASON TWO SPOILERS: I have now seen season two, so you can spoil it as much as you like. If you've started writing already, feel free to ignore this, but I figured I'd add some new season two prompts if you haven't (and assuming we matched on this fandom). Obviously the new season broke the avocados pretty good, so fix-its would be VERY welcome, especially if they incorporate some of the above ideas (e.g. Fisk comes after Foggy and Karen, and Matt has to save them, and everyone makes up ... that kind of thing :D). Foggy and Marci working together opens up lovely ship possibilities, as well. In addition to that, feel free to do AUs that branch off the season at any point, in which the characters make better, or different, decisions than they did in canon.

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I was sooo close to signing up for this as well (I would have requested either Avengers or Agent Carter) before I realized I have a work deadline in March, a conference talk deadline in April, and I'm on vacation pretty much all of May so... Probably not a good idea.

Yeahhhhh ... probably for the best. (Er, this is going to interfere with participating in an AC exchange too, isn't it? At least if the deadline is any earlier than late June ...)
I would apologize for being a terrible influence except for the part where I'm not actually sorry. XD
Oh, that looks fun. Absolutely no time for it without abandoning stuff my muse is already hot and bothered about, though, so I'll just sit back and enjoy the fic and art that ensues. (Plus, Ao3 fic exchanges kinda scare the hooey out of me... there's always so many rules and acronyms I don't recognize and... *blows out exasperated breath* For all that I've been in and around fandom for 15 years at least, Ao3 culture still stymies me at times.)